TwinksInShort - Marc Rushmore, Nick Vargas and Edy Reed

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DescriptionMasseurs Marc Rushmore and Nick Vargas, decked out in white, are busy discussing their next client. They seem quite eager to work on him and when the sexy dark blonde appears, they get straight to work. With Aaron face down on the massage table, Marc and Nick get their hands slippery with oil, kneading and caressing the twinkÂ’s pliable body. Aaron is in seventh heaven with not one, but TWO pairs of hands rubbing him up and down. This is erotic massage at its absolute horniest as they glide their hands into AaronÂ’s cleft, teasing his balls and playing with that sweet and lovely, tight pink opening. You can hear the lust in their voices as Marc and Nick continue working on Aaron, who lies still with a contented smile on his face. He lets them do what they want, spreading his legs so they can touch him everywhere. Marc pulls AaronÂ’s cock between his legs and starts milking him. You wonÂ’t need us to tell you how much heÂ’s enjoying his twink massage. YouÂ’ll see that for yourself as the evidence is quite clear! When they flip him over, Aaron is fully hard. Marc and Nick take turns stroking the fat uncut cock, their hands dripping with oil, while the other massages AaronÂ’s balls. Like fiends, they edge the adorable twink on the table, stroking and massaging his cock until Aaron can no longer hold back. He fires of a big load with several spurts, the first flying past his shoulders while the rest splatters all over his tight belly. Now THATÂ’S what we call a massage!
Featuring:  Aaron Hendricks, Marc Rushmore
Release Date: 09/20/2016
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