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Cast:  Chet, Sean, Stefan, Sten, Lio, Kasparo, Bruce, Greg, Shy, Sergey, Hugo

Picture a whole lot of knob shining, hole plugging and spunk gushing, performed by - and on - another tasty assemblage of young Scandinavian hotties with a predilection for penis and a penchant for unwrapped buggery.

PB8 is just as sticky and delicious as the previous seven chapters, with a few notable distinctions. Firstly, production values are improving: the presence of music is an added aural boost and the use of multiple cameras, despite some soft-focus moments, affords a variety of views of the hotness and increases editing options.

Furthermore, there are more condoms used here in two sequences than in the past few Power Boys flicks combined, something worth mentioning only because of the palpable controversy over all the recent barebacking, for which S.E.V.P. is rightly being co-clocked on.

No worries though, because not only does the remainder of PB8 contain the requisite risqu� instances of sperm tasting and raw fucking, but there�s an astonishing moment during the climax - pun intended - that will blow your mind. It�s an image I had to rewind and rewatch a dozen or so times just to be sure of what I thought I saw. Indeed, there�s a nice juicy close-up of a bare cock sliding into a tightly-clenched ass, and while the top is piston-fucking, it�s obvious he�s shot his load while buried deep inside the bottom, because with the continued stokes of his still-hard cock, we suddenly see oozing gobs of white spunk emerge from the bottom�s hole and slide down the ever-plunging shaft. Now that's naughty!

Incidentally, the top who loses his goo inside the bottom�s rectum as described above has the strangest cock implant I�ve ever seen: it looks like he�s got a piece of Pez candy beneath the skin of his pecker, I swear! There�s a good view of it just before he blows another load onto the squishy bottom�s face. Soup�s on!
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