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♺ Hardbritlads - Troy Haydon & Caleb Ramble

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Description - Sweaty Muscle Fuck! Hot new muscle lads Troy and Caleb cant get enough of each other in this scorcher of a scene, as both lads like things on the strong, intense side. Both lads are seriously hot - 6 foot 2 Troy with his stunning good looks and amazing tattoos, and short but very sexy power bottom Caleb, with his incredible body and big thick uncut cock. Wearing shiny sports kit, Troy and Caleb begin by kissing and groping, both lads getting rock hard immediately, and pulling off their sports tops to show off their muscular bodies. Troy completely dominates Caleb, who clearly loves it, and goes with it. He pulls him into his chest, making him lick and suck on his nipples. They pulls each others stiff dicks out the side of their shorts. Both lads have nice straight, uncut cocks, with Calebs being very thick and meaty. Troy licks Calebs nipple whilst playing with his dick, then they return to kissing. Troy pushes Caleb down onto his knees, and pulls off his shorts. Caleb starts to suck his cock, managing to suck right down to Troys balls. When he does this, Troy grips his head and holds it there for as long as Caleb can manage it. Troy fucks Calebs mouth and throat for a while, then he gets up off his knees and they kiss a bit. Next, Troy pushes Caleb onto the sofa, and pulls his shorts off, then gets down to suck Calebs girthy meat. He spits on it, and wanks him hard and fast for a minute, then starts to suck properly, going pretty deep, and wanking him and spitting on it some more. Then Troy stands and Caleb sits up to suck him some more, with some intense face fucking and deep throat action. After this, Caleb leans back and the sofa, and Troy gets up on top of him, kind of in a press ups position, with his legs on either side of Caleb, and his cock in Calebs mouth. At this angle he can fuck his mouth deeper, and he really goes for it, pushing it right down into Calebs throat, which is more than he can handle. Troy then pushes Caleb onto his hands and knees, so his smooth muscular butt is in the air, and he pulls Calebs cheeks apart, dropping a big blog of spit onto his hole, then starts to lick it, with big long licks, before pushing his tongue right in there. The rimming is VERY hot as Caleb has a really great arse. Caleb leans against the sofa, with Troy standing behind him, rubbing his hard cock against Calebs moist hole. He pushes it in, making Caleb moan. He fucks slowly at first, but then quickly starts to speed up. Troy grips Caleb firmly as he fucks him, then pulls his cheeks apart to get his dick further into his hot hole. He fucks hard and fast now, really pounding his ass. Troy is on his knees now, and Caleb is on all fours, doggy style. Troy pushes his dick back into Caleb hole and it slides in easily now. Troy leans forward, over Caleb, who arches his back, pushing his muscle butt up hungrily as Troy starts pounding him. The fucking starts to get hot and sweaty now as the lads fuck as hard as they can. For the last position, Caleb is on his back, his legs apart, his fat cock throbbing, and Troy pushes his stiff dick back inside his hungry hole, to give him a final pounding. He holds Calebs legs apart as he pumps his cock in and out, bringing Caleb closer and closer to shooting. They fuck intensely for as long as Caleb can take it, but his cock is throbbing solidly the entire time, and before long, he is beating away at it till he shoots, thick and heavy, and lots of it, hot creamy jizz pumping out all over his bulging sweaty abs. Troy pulls out and whips off the condom, and jerks off hard and fast, and within second he is shooting his own impressive load, his white spunk spurting out over Caleb, mixing with the rest of the cum, leaving Caleb drenched, exhausted, sweaty, and totally satisfied.                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

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