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DescriptionCollections of 4 films featuring Vadim Black from ICON Male, which consists of 480p versions as well as 720p versions, including:

1. Brandon Wilde's First Gangbang
Pornstars: Vadim Black, Jack Hunter, Logan Moore, Billy Santoro, Jaxton Wheeler, Brandon Wilde
Date: Jun 2nd, 2016
Size (Vid size): 496,734,208 bytes (480p) / 1,437,261,824 bytes (720p)

After being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of winter, Brandon is given the run around by road side assistance. Thinking he's completely out of luck, he's relieved when a mysterious black SUV pulls up behind him. A group of strapping young men, Jaxton Wheeler, Billy Santoro, Jack Hunter, Logan Moore and Vadim Black get out and offer to help. After a few minutes they have his car back up and running. Brandon is delighted. To thank them, he invites his knights in shining armor over to his house for a few drinks.
It doesn't take long before they start undressing, putting their tattoos and tight bodies on display. The sexual chemistry in the air is intense; 'it's all just bros here,' one of them says. 'Your girlfriend won't even know.'
Brandon makes the first move, taking Vadim's cock in his mouth while everyone else watches. The action quickly heats up with Brandon taking center stage. There's passionate kissing, intense anal sex, and tag teamed blowjobs, finally ending with Brandon jerking off while Jack fucks him. The rest of the boys follow suit, taking turns unloading all over him while he lays beneath them, completely satisfied.

2. Schoolboy Fantasies (Part 4)
Pornstars: Vadim Black (top), Brandon Wilde (bottom)
Date: Jun 9th, 2016
Size (Vid size): 201,814,016 bytes (480p) / 972,189,696 bytes (720p)

Brandon Wilde and Vadim Black are feeling very scandalous, they are sick of the boring routine and decide to make things a bit risky. They both sneak off into the boiler room where they can be alone but still have the thrill of getting caught. They engage in steaming hot sex that they've been thirsty for. Ending with explosive mutual orgasms.

3. Gay Massage House 4 (Part 3)
Pornstars: Vadim Black (top), Billy Santoro (bottom)
Date: Jun 14th, 2016
Size (Vid size): 140,152,832 bytes (480p) / 1,096,458,240 bytes (720p)

Billy Santoro is a massage therapist who specializes in helping closeted gay men come to terms with their anxiety. Billy's first task is to put Vadim Black's mind at ease, slowly rubbing his powerful hands over Vadim's toned back.
Before long, he realizes he gets his stiiff cock already serviced, Billy's expert hands and lips gliding over Vadim's engorged shaft.
Exploding in fountains of cum, Vadim shoots rope after rope onto Billy's stomach. Cums onto his own stomach just moments later, Billy has ridden another closeted gay from his anxiety.

4. Fuck Me Sober
Pornstars: Vadim Black (top), Billie Ramos (bottom)
Date: Jul 19th, 2016
Size (Vid size): 104,968,192 bytes (480p) / 783,503,360 bytes (720p)

Awkward Billie Ramos apologizes to gorgeous straight friend Vadim Black for a previous drunken attempt to seduce the young stud. But Vadim shocks him and tells Billie he prefers to fuck him sober! Vadim aggressively tops Billie until they explode into mutual orgasms.
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