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[Blake Mason] Jesse Collection

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DescriptionBlake Mason Studios, 2008-2009

Jesse Collection:

Jesse (solo) 329 MB, 23:15, 960 x 540, wmv

Boy oh boy, do we have a killer newbie on our hands for you this week or what? Jesse sure is a total cutie and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he was born from the same stock as the ever popular Kristian T! Yep, he's got that shaggy-haired surfer look, perfectly smooth golden skin that you could lick for ever and ever, a great personality with impeccable manners to match and, of course, a whopping great big uncut dick that anyone in their right mind would just love to get a hold of! OK, so you might have guessed by now that the entire BLAKEMASON team simply fell in lust with Jesse when his application photo's landed. But hey, Lucas got real possessive (for some unknown reason!) and insisted he should film Jesse all on his own... and needless to say once the film was shot, we all forgot about lust and fell deeply in love with Jesse as the footage was loaded in for editing. Fuck, this guy is HOT in every sense of the word!!! Right, let's get down to the serious business of Jesse's solo jerk-off session. After a great initial chat where Jesse reveals plenty about himself, it's time for this 18 year old Adonis to stand up, strip and get naked! Man, that slim young swimmers / runners body is to die for... but just wait until that mammoth cock and those gorgeous low-hanging balls swing in to view... it's almost too much to take in! And then when Jesse's uncut meat grows and grows, and as he plays and tugs, well, this horny young fella turns out to be yet another super shooter for Britain! I mean, just the thud of those streams of cum hitting the sofa is enough to amaze anyone :-)

Jesse and Robbie 483 MB, 33:40, 960 x 540, mp4

Merry Christmas Everyone! And to celebrate in true BLAKEMASON tradition, here's Robbie and Jesse in a horny, light-hearted film where Robbie works his magic on Jesse's "curious" side! Having invited the guys back to make dildos of their cocks, the atmosphere was very relaxed and focused on having fun... which meant Jesse wasn't too phased when things got a little bit more adventurous ;-) The guys start off reading the instructions on how to make their dildos and soon move on to getting their chunky uncut dicks up to full hardness. Robbie just can't help himself (could you?) and leans over to stroke Jesse's cock - and Jesse decides to return the favour! Sensing that Jesse's not too freaked out, Robbie takes things to the next level and sucks on that big, juicy dick - and I think it's fair to say Jesse enjoyed it :-) Now that the guys were totally hard and horny the team made up the cock-casting mix and Jesse went first. Lying back, Robbie carefully poured in the mix and played with Jesse's balls - purely to help keep his cock nice and hard, you understand ;-) Then the guys switched positions and once the moulds were finished the guys settled back on the sofa. But Robbie was still feeling a little naughty - he wanted to have a spunk-off contest! So it all ends with these two cuties standing up and facing each other in a hot jerk-off session... and both guys get splattered with warm, gooey cum :-) Oh, and make sure you watch the bonus film to find out how the dildo's turned out...

Jesse Fucks Robbie 781 MB, 27:34, 1280 x 720, wmv

OK, so we've decided to make an exception for this Sunday's release and somehow I don't think anyone's going to complain! You see, normally the guys only get one chance to get their hands on each other's hot bodies and big dicks, but when Jesse agreed to go further and fuck a fella for the first time he insisted it should be with Robbie. I guess both guys really enjoyed their dildo making shoot together because Robbie was equally as keen to take things further with Jesse... happy days! Robbie naturally takes the lead and leans in for the first lingering kiss. Jesse's trembling lips soon relax and some very slow, sexual kissing ensues. Hands soon wander to find and fondle each other's hardening meat through their jeans and the lust sure begins to take over! Robbie carefully frees Jesse's big swollen cock and begins to kiss, lick and suck while Jesse closes his eyes and lays back to savour Robbie's hot mouth. And it's not long before he's returning the favour and gaining his first taste of man meat - Jesse happily sucks in as much as his inexperienced mouth can take which drives Robbie wild! But what Robbie really wants is to feel Jesse's big dick sliding in and out of his ass and somehow I get the feeling Jesse was very eager to fuck too! Robbie takes is nice and slow though, mounting Jesse's virgin cock until he's sitting down on all 9½ inches of it! Mindful that this is Jesse's first time fucking ass, Robbie whispers words of encouragement to his nervous partner who quickly relaxes and enjoys the sensations ;-) So much so that Jesse decides to take control and he delights in sliding the length of his meat into Robbie's tight hole with firm, hard thrusts. Flipping his partner on to all fours, Jesse goes really wild and pounds his thick rod deeper and deeper into Robbie... which is enough to send him over the edge! Spraying rope after rope of hot jizz the length of the bed, Robbie's well and truly drained... and then Jesse shoots his own spectacular load too :-) Ahh, there's a fun bonus film with this one too!

Jesse and Kai 562 MB, 20:46, 1280 x 720, wmv

I think we might have turned someone! Yes, that's right, our blonde bombshell is back - in fact he stayed over after his lustful romp with Robbie and I managed to persuade him to give it a go with another guy! Kai took Jesse's eye and what with Kai being a lover of cute guys with big dicks he was more than up for good fuck session... and man, did Jesse get in to the rhythm of fucking ass hard or what ;-) Kai, being his usual dominant self is the first to kick things off, almost taking Jesse unexpectedly as he leans in for the first kiss and begins to unbutton Jesse's shirt. Coy laughs and smiles are exchanged and Jesse soon begins to relax as Kai begins to fully explore his young and inexperienced body. Feasting on his cock with long licks, light touches and deep swallowing all add to Jesse's building excitement! Eager to receive as well as give, Kai lies back and Jesse takes the hint. Gently licking and then sucking on Kai's pre-cum leaking dick, this was another new experience for Jesse but he wasn't the least bit freaked by it. Finally though Kai wants Jesse's long uncut cock deep inside him and slowly Jesse enters his ass. It's not long before Jesse is fucking real hard and he certainly learnt what the term "demanding bottom" means! In the end though Jesse proves he's quite the top - fucking away he grabs Kai's dick and it's soon spurting loads of cum everywhere  ;-)
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