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Studio 2000 - Gored [avi].avi
Director: John Travis
Released: 2004
Cast: Rafael Carreras, Rafael Alencar, Tico Martin, Trey Rexx, Andrew Rubio, Mario Ortiz, Rick Gonzales, Ivan Andros, David Scott, Kent Larson
Size: 1,229 MB
Video: 640x480 XVid (Avi) 1,800kbps; Audio: Mp3, 128 kbps
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"Studio’s 2000 ever-brilliant director John Travis brings you his most ambitious fuckfest to date with Gored. For anyone who’s ever shot a load at the thought of being impaled on a matador’s cock come Spanish sex gods Rafael Alencar and Rafael Carreras in a guaranteed to be classic bullfighting epic, combining the color and flavor of old Mexico with some of the most blazingly hot powerhouse fucking, mammoth dick deep-throating, expert asslicking, and fingerbanging ever caught on film.

Rafael Alencar, a staggeringly gorgeous stallion if ever there was one, plays a star torero (an exquisite picture completed by Alencar’s own belly tattoo that looks like the horns of a steer) being pushed into dangerous stunts by his power-hungry brother, played by superstar Rafael Carreras. These two smoldering exotic Latino gods have plenty of brotherly traits in common: piercing eyes, muscled chests to lap with nipples to chew on and a matching pair of colossal, long, thick and flawlessly beautiful pingas that demand to be sucked and that could get any man - even the most confirmed top - begging for an ass-pounding.

Gored opens with Rafael Alencar and Rafael Carreras returning to their palatial estate after a triumphant fight, with personal servant Mario Ortiz and reporter David Scott in tow. Carreras congratulates Alencar who excuses himself and retires to his quarters. As Ortiz starts to strip Alencar’s body, he sees Alencar’s huge hard-on jutting out and he has to wrap his lips around it. Ortiz can’t get enough as Alencar fucks his face. Alternately deep-throating and lapping at that dicklicious head, Ortiz takes it all until Alencar slides his fingers into his mouth instead to get them ready to open Ortiz’s gorgeous hole. They roughly suck each other’s tongues and Ortiz licks Alencar’s pits and magnificent chest until Ortiz just can’t wait and needs to get his legs in the air for Alencar’s tongue and cock.

Alencar is an expert ass-eater, lapping at and tongue-stabbing Ortiz’s hole and fucking that pucker with four fingers until it’s open and quivering for a plugging. That’s just what Alencar has in mind. The fucking that follows is absolutely epic: Alencar slams his cock into Ortiz’s hole missionary as Ortiz grunts and writhes, pulling Alencar in to suck on those ravishing lips. Ortiz is a verbal bottom who obviously loves Alencar’s banging and backs onto that stunning cock like a man possessed. After a standing doggie fuck that goes from gentle to pummeling, with Alencar tugging at his nipples and Ortiz sucking his fingers, Alencar drenches Ortiz’s luscious Latin ass and thighs in cock juice.

Outside, David Scott is waiting for an interview with Rafael Carreras but Carreras wants to have a post-bout soak in a waterfall-pool. Scott is a boyish, European-born beauty of Nordic descent with light brown hair and an endlessly appetizing full body. Carreras has never looked more sublime and the sight of his horse cock, chest, and incomparable ass as he tosses aside his towel and drenches himself, clearly has Scott wanting to tongue-soak it all. But Scott is shy and needs coaxing. Carreras dries himself and pulls Scott inside, offering him a statement that could define the whole film: "I’m going to show you Mexican passion."

The scene that follows could be the scene of the year as Carreras demonstrates not only Mexican passion, but also why he’s one of the hottest and most purely awe-inspiring sexualists working today. Carreras pulls Scott in for a deep, voracious kiss before stripping him and lunging for his cock. It’s pure perfection as the dark Carreras wraps his full lips around the pale, boyish and adorable Scott’s rod, chewing on his balls and starting to stroke his hole. Carreras laps at Scott’s head and deep-throats him to his bush, until Scott needs a taste of Carreras, pulling him up to taste his lips, nipples and stomach before downing that perfect pinga. Scott tugs at Carreras’s balls as Carreras fucks his face, and it isn’t long until Carreras is laying over Scott for a scorching 69 with Carreras giving Scott’s flawlessly beautiful hole a fierce working over with his tongue and thumb.

Scott finally can’t wait to be gored and impales himself on Carreras’s rod with Carreras literally banging from below and Scott reaching to spread his cheeks to force Carreras in deeper. Scott still somehow manages to look shy while quietly begging for more pounding and it prompts Carreras to lift him - with his cock still buried deep - and carry him to the other end of the couch for a missionary pummeling that fucks the cum out of Scott. Then Scott really proves himself to be a topman’s dream, as he turns around and sticks his ass in the air for more. After a relentless powerhouse banging, Carreras gives Scott’s cheeks and back a soaking.

In a nearby bar, hairy blond Kent Larson is verbally slamming Alencar’s skills in the ring to friend Trey Rexx, calling the bullfighter "a Mexican clown." Rexx tells Larson to keep his voice down, but Larson shrugs it off, telling him the locals don’t speak English, at which ultra-hot "brothers" Tico Martin, Rick Gonzales and Ivan Andros storm over to prove him wrong. Gonzales asks his brothers if "these gringos are as big as they think they are." Larson’s comments get him a mouthful of Andros’ cock and the orgy that follows is one for the record books. Larson keeps lapping at Andros, who sucks Rexx, while Gonzales works on Martin’s cock and Martin helps shove Rexx’s cock down Andros’s throat.

These hotties then seat their asses on the bar as Larson, then Rexx, then Martin and finally Gonzales each take turns sucking the entire dicklicious line-up. Andros sticks his ass up for a furious bartop doggie fuck from Rexx, who grabs Andros’s shoulders to steer his cock in deeper. On the ground, Larson is getting his own butch ass pounded by Martin, while Gonzales obliges the other end by fucking Larson’s face. As Martin slams deeper into the trash talking Larson’s ass, Rexx is virtually hanging from the rafters as he drives his cock into Andros’s hole. You can practically smell the sweat and cum as this fivesome each fires off an epic load.

Alencar is plagued by doubts about the danger Carreras is putting him in for profit’s sake and resolves to have the coming fight be his last. As ritual demands, Alencar goes to dark, model-gorgeous priest Andrew Rubio for a pre-fight blessing. This scene is sure to ignite controversy. In a chapel complete with stained glass and a large crucifix, Alencar pleads with Rubio to "Help me, Father." Alencar pulls Rubio in for a deep kiss, then biting the priest’s nipples and kissing his stomach and the outline of his tenting cock, all through his vestments. Alencar frees Rubio’s dick and wraps his lips around it, lapping at the head and swallowing it to Rubio’s furry bush. Rubio’s perfect hole is visible from below as Alencar sucks his balls. More passionate kissing ensues until Rubio pushes Alencar onto the chapel bench and greedily pulls the matador’s cock out.

Rubio deep-throats Alencar to perfection as Alencar slathers his own fingers to pinch his nipples. Alencar fucks Rubio’s face and Rubio laps at his balls - and then wraps his rosary beads around Alencar’s cock and balls. This has to be the first time rosary beads have been used as a cockring and Rubio expertly uses them to get more of Alencar’s cock down his gullet.

Alencar strips Rubio’s robe off and roughly bends him over the altar to eat his ass. Alencar laps at Rubio’s pucker and eases three fingers in until Rubio is begging to get fucked. Alencar shoves his cock into Rubio’s lovely pale ass and gives him a hard standing doggie fuck, grabbing Rubio’s shoulders to drive his huge cock in deeper - with Rubio grunting and urging him on: "That’s it, my son." Your ass will quiver just watching every thrust as Alencar pulls out and slams home, with his balls slapping against Rubio’s cheeks. Rubio looks completely lost in the ass pounding, until Alencar pulls out and leads him onto the bench.

After another deep round of sucking each other’s tongues and biting each other’s lips, Rubio forces Alencar down and impatiently reseats himself on Alencar’s pole, pinching his nipples and rotating his cheeks to get Alencar’s cock hitting every corner of his hole. Alencar is grunting and drenched in sweat as Rubio turns to face him, without ever getting off that cock. More missionary and sidesaddle pounding follow as Rubio’s priest proves himself to be one hell of a verbal bottom. Moaning, with his asslips literally flared and red from Alencar’s pummeling, Rubio drenches his chest and nearly half the room in cum as Alencar keeps driving his cock in. Alencar’s load turns out to be even more colossal, nearly hitting the camera, and his rod still has enough to drench Rubio’s ass and thighs.

Gored shows director John Travis at the top of his game. He’s assembled an astonishingly luscious cast of superhung Latinos and gringos, spearheaded by two of the most magnificent and godly studs in the business, Rafael Alencar and Rafael Carreras. With its intriguing premise and exotic vibrancy that only add to the dick-pounding action, this’ll have you shooting from the bleachers to the center of the arena and cumming back again and again."
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