Raging Stallion: Jay Landford Fucks Lorenzo Flexx In ‘Bounty Hunters, Scene 2’

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Chasing dangerous fugitives is tense, stressful work. Sometimes the only thing ‘Bounty Hunters‘ can count on is their partners. Especially when you’re on the trail of a hardened drug runner. When Lorenzo Flexx and Jay Landford discover their plan to take down their mark leaves them with a few hours of alone time in a ratty motel room, barely repressed passions boil to the surface.

Jay Landford and Lorenzo Flexx surrender fully to their forbidden desires. They go from stressed out hunters of men to sweaty sex gods the minute they shed their gun holsters. They’re desperate to give each other that special kind of raw, relentless pleasure a man who chases danger can only get from the guy who always has his back.

Lorenzo Flexx hits his knees, and he is so lost in servicing god-like Jay Landford’s cock he ignores the transmissions coming through their police scanner. Eager to take control, Jay marvels over Lorenzo’s muscle ass, nibbling Loreno’s meaty cheeks, teasing Lorenzo’s tight hole with his fingers and leisurely swipes of his tongue.

Jay Landford takes ownership of his partner’s hole with passionate kisses and long, driving thrusts of his raw, glistening cock. Before long, Jay’s pinned his fellow musclebound bounty hunter face first into the mattress. Then he claims Lorenzo Flexx missionary-style, with slow kisses and lingering eye contact and a hot, frenzied sense of connection. When you spend all day chasing dangerous men, sometimes you can’t help chasing your gorgeous partner’s hot load.
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