Twinkacademy - Bogota Colombia (Sets 51 - 60)

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Sets of 10 Students from the St Samuels School of Bogota/Colombia (

NOTE: All Models from Twinkacademy are over 18 years old, you can see that on the profiles of the models on the or here: hxxp://

This Package contains the Sets from:

Lorenzo Osorio
Sets Boxing/Medical/Soccer
800x600 Pixel

Luis Salazar
Sets Baseball/Medical/Soccer
800x600 Pixel

Manuel Jumi
Sets Boxing/Discipline/Medical/Football
800x600 Pixel

Marco Cubarero
Sets Medical/Boxing/Soccer
800x600 Pixel

Marcos Isaza
Sets Boxing/Football/Medical
800x600 Pixel

Mario Rivera
Sets Football/Medical
800x600 Pixel

Martin Asprilla
Sets Baseball/Medical
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Mateo Rocha
Sets Baseball/Medical/Soccer
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Matias Villalobos
Sets Wrestling
1024x768 Pixel

Mauricio Ortiz
Sets Baseball/Medical/Soccer
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St Samuel's Academy is an international school for boys. We now invite you to take a closer look at each of our three campuses and to meet a few of our students. And remember that, as a Sponsor, you will receive full and unrestricted access to boys' files - including fully documented text, photographic and video reports of their medical histories and incidents where they have been disciplined, as well as candid accounts of their interactions with other students.

All Sets contain ALL Pictures in original Resolution from the Side, no pictures missing, no damaged pictures !

My Colletion contains ALL available Pictures with state of Jan 2010.
If you have new/more Sets, please inform me or send it to me ! ;o)

Have fun ! ;o)
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