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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-11-06 |
How can hearing a song on the radio, give you an instant HARD-ON.

This senario will happen to YOU!, everytime you hear the song in the background of this totally unique and wonderful Music Video.

The song is " Harder to Breathe"  by Maroon 5  and you find it the same!!!

I often wonder if the artists themselves have seen this movie , because in the stereotypically grubby world of gay porn, comes every now and again a FUCKING MASTERPIECE of kleenex wonderment.

Meet MAX, an extremely HOT and talented TEENAGER, going about his daily practise for his pole dance routine, and PRACTISE makes fucking PERFECT.

this is a re-seed, i did seed it originally a few years ago, actually before SEED BONUS were invented, so if you do enjoy, please drop me a point for every load u drop....tis only fair after all.

xxxx  enjoy my freinds, and raise a glass to boy beauty, everywhere in the world.


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