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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-05-22 |

* Bareback Thai & Black Threesome *

HD! A rare interacial coupling! Two handsome, fit, slim and HUNG Thais, taking turns barebacking a hugely hung Black stud, while taking a number of breaks for watersports! {And does this Thai boy have cute nipples, or what!}

If you're not into water sports, I created a "San-Piss" version of this masterpiece... here:
Title: Golden Showers (Remastered)
Studio: Gay Asian Piss
Released: 2010 (guessing)
Duration: 34 1/2 minutes
Resolution: High Definition, 1280 x 720
Video Bit Rate: 4029 kbps

What do you have when you take three friends; two Thai and one Black, who clearly are VERY comfortable and familiar with each other, who happen to be drop-dead gorgeous, hugely hung, totally fit, LOVE to fuck, suck, and do just about ANYTHING else that comes to mind, including pissing ON and IN each other, in total abandon??? A TOTALLY HOT [high-contrast] Threesome Sandwich... unbelievable in its energy, visual impact, and LACK of self-consciousness, guilt, or any other inhibitions. Clearly... "Amazing Thailand"!!!

Add to this, the fact that it was shot in 1280 x 720 High Resolution, with NO technical compromises, perfect focus, perfect lighting, with great direction and camera work... and you've got a real "keeper"... with the Thai-Black-Thai interacial combination making it a rare addition to your porn library!

This project was rather challenging, due to it's original video and audio formats... making it quite difficult to import into my video editor... but I finally managed to make it work.

The original video was amazing, in the sense that it had preserved the full range of luminance and chrominance throughout, giving me virtually flawless material to work with. I DID perform a full color correction on this video, to achieve three goals:

1) Overcome the effects of the original camera's mechanical and electronic "Auto-Iris", where, when panning to brighter scenes (like the sheets), all body images would darken... thus trying to achieve a consistancy to the look of the talent, throughout... and

2) "Punch" the video UP a little bit, boosting contrast in some scenes, basically, for better visual impact for viewing. Truth is, this DOES clip the brighter portions of the picture a little bit, but this is really a technical secret, (that you are, in fact, forever losing a little portion of the original full video range of the original video). The end result (a stunning "look") is worth the tiny compromize that nobody really will notice (if done within reason)... and in fact, virtually ALL studios and production companies "trash" the video this little bit, for the payoff of the final "look" having a great visual impact, to the viewer... and

3) Boost the black gamma in some of the scenes centered on the Black guy... who is SO VERY DARK that some of his body was almost invisible; thus trying to reveal just a little more of his body detail, for only these scenes.

ALL of the 78 color-correction edits were performed with these three goals in mind. I think the end result was pretty good! See what you think.

Compounding the technical difficulties in processing this video was the fact that the original audio data, once extracted, was time compressed... and had to be "lengthened" (technically called "change tempo") in order to maintain sync, throughout.

Towards the end of this project I discovered another major technical flaw, this time with the original video; EVERY SINGLE EDIT was followed by about 6 flawed video frames... frozen video, a black frame, mixed-frame video, etc. So I had to go back through the entire movie, frame by frame, and eliminate a whopping total of 442 frames (14.7 seconds of video!), to remove these flaws. The AUDIO also goes silent for a few frames during each video edit... but nothing I could do about that, and no biggie, really.

Bonus Points greatly appreciated! Thank You! Enjoy!
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