♺ The Jan Dvorak Story (High Res)

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Quasi-religious overtones set against early winter grays and whites create an environment in this film that is unforgettable. By contrasting the warm, fire-lit hotel room of the first scene, Higgins sets up a sexually erotic and provocative film with some of the most beautiful male specimens on the face of the earth.
The Jan Dvorak Story takes us into the life of Jan Dvorak, an Eastern European stud of epic proportions. His six-foot plus statuesque figure of solid muscle rippling with more cuts than a fillet of cod and his enormous, uncut steamy cock fill the screen in a way that would make Greek gods jealous. His sparkling eyes and chiseled face are reminiscent of the prince charming-like beauty of ancient fairy tales.

Jan leaves a monastery early in the film and catches a ride via horse drawn cart to the local city (whether it's Prague we don't know for sure, but it holds the best cinematographic architectures in the world). Jan takes on a job at a hotel as a bellhop and quickly acclimates himself to both the clientele and his co-workers. The first sexual encounter has Jan bottoming for a young hunk with an equally impressive cock. The scene plays for over a half an hour, with two different segments of sucking, fucking and cumming.

Jan finishes his heavenly action with this customer and goes on to the kitchen. His temptation of a private room and mini bar echo a hint of hustler action with the twins Jirka and Karel Bartok. The twins have appeared in other flicks, but watching them get plowed by the torpedo that Jan packs is beyond fantastic. Watching and hearing the moaning of the three in chorus to the rhythm got the juices flowing and our cocks rising to the occasion.

The Jan Dvorak Story continues onward, but to let you in on what happens would ruin the reason for adding it to your collection. For the sheer pleasure of seeing Jan Dvorak bottom is enough to make anyone buy this film, but don't let that be the only reason.

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