♺ Log Jammin' , 1970s Bijou Precondom (wmv)

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The first scene of this movie is so cool... I have it on a compilation VHS (Men Who Swallow) but didn't realize it was originally from Log Jammin' until recently. Two guys are fucking, first in what looks like a sling, and then the scene alternates to them in a simliar position, but in bed, and the scene continues to cut back and forth... very hot. Also of note: the sling is actually chains hanging from the ceiling which clip directly onto the bottom guy's leather chaps, very original and hot.

Here's the description from HisXpress.com:
Energetic, raunchy, no-holds-barred man-sex is the ticket in this early Sid Roth-directed masterpiece that still satisfies because of its macho-drenched footage and excellent pacing.

Wonderfully narrated by an incredulous, chunky laborer, it seems that wherever he turns, hard-working he-men are turning to one another. In the barn, in a harness, in the hayloft, in fields, by the fences, in the repair garage, they turn to where the pleasure is, in each other's arms. He relays several tales to his equally awestruck pal.

A three-way out in a field turns steamy as a humpy, cum-guzzling Mexican double-sucks both the young blond driver and their Greek Adonis pal, stuffing both of their juicy, fat, uncut sausages into his greedy and salivating mouth to lube them for the doggie style fucking he demands. He eventually gets over the car's hood to be plugged.

While delivering hay, our narrator stumbles upon a blond, muscular, beefcake farmer in the hayloft banging his boyish farmhand's barn door until the cows come home. Repairing fences by the lake, three pale brunets with rippling muscles romp uninhibitedly in a wet, sticky rim-fest that culminates in a fuck chain.

A handsome mechanic turns the tables on a youthful platinum-blond as he demands service from the blond's willing holes. Another blond rims a hairy-assed youth and turns around to offer his goodies to his pal's dripping pole.

Inspired and overcome with lust, our voyeur's dark-haired companion encourages him to create a story of their own. In the raw and vigorous sex scene that follows, the youthful and virginal narrator finally gets his due as his partner slurps and gobbles his rock-hard, huge man-tool, then reciprocates by getting his face fucked rudely by his pent-up buddy. Our narrator plows his grasping cheeks over crates in a warehouse, and they both deliver immense loads of man-juice.

An immense cast of knockouts, a sustained fever-pitched intensity, uninhibited sex, up-close penetration shots, overhead camera angles, natural lighting, one of the best musical scores, and great performances make this a masterpiece.

Starring Bill Baxter, Cliff Markham, Craig Jourdan, Dane Levi, Rusty Williams, Mark Heller and more. Directed by Sid Roth. 1970s.

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