Baily Wylde and Jax Thirio – Chapter 1 - 720p

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Raw Fuck Boys gets a new look with a new series of hot, hardcore movies filmed in a specially designed sex club. The hot models in this bang-fest are united by only one thing: their absolute need to procreate. Baily Wylde and Jax Thirio are the first through the dungeon doors and immediately get down and dirty; sculpted bodies twisting and undulating as they whisper dirt to each other between long, lewd kisses.
These guys want each other badly and are excited at the chance to throw their inhibitions aside. Pretty boy Baily is quickly on his knees, eagerly servicing Jax's hard rod. The sensation is mind-boggling. Jax's huge flesh literally throbs with anticipation. He's not just going to fuck Bailey - he's going to destroy him! Within seconds, Baily is in a sling with his legs apart as Jax voraciously licks his tight hole, preparing his slutty ass for a ride he'll never forget.
Baily is soon begging for Jax's cock, seeing the throbbing member between the smooth, strong thighs of his muscular daddy. Jax stands up and penetrates the boy who moans, smiling smugly as his thick, naked cock slides into Bailey's belly. Feeling the young man's hole enveloping his cock, he starts thrusting fast and rhythmically, but it's clear he's still holding back ... Jax enjoys the feeling of power and control, enjoying the pleasure he's getting. But then, suddenly, Jax puts his foot on the gas! The boy begins to scream. The experience is incredibly intense.
Jax's hungry cock is inside the boy and pounding hard and brutally enough to totally rearrange Baily's insides. Jax wraps his hand around Baily's throat as he hurtles towards climax, pounding his powerful tool into the boy with increasing force and speed. Baily begins to scream as Jax finally releases his semen inside him, turning a once-tight glistening hole into a joyous, sloppy, satisfied mess.
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