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The Visitor - (Raging Stallion)

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DescriptionHairy Gay and Tattoo Porn. Two stoners getting high in a back alley are oblivious to the closeencounter they are about to have. They toke on their pot pipe as thestatic charges emanate from the materializing form of Epoc (LoganMcCree). His body becomes flesh then quickly snaps back to energy.He tries again and is successful, leaving the stoners to wonder if whatthey had just witnessed was real. Epoc walks off and enters a leatherbar.In the backroom, a slave (Cole Streets) tied to a St. Andrew'scross is being dominated by leather master Bruno Bond. Epoc comescloser to watch. The Master, leading the scene, fondles and teasesthe slave. Epoc comes closer and feels the slave's skin. The masterallows this stranger to join into the role-play of pain and pleasure.Bruno kisses the slave, then lets Epoc do the same. Soon the slave isunshackled and the three continue their game. Epoc goes down onthe slave's cock, seeing what it feels and tastes like. The salty cocktastes good in his mouth and he eagerly sucks as the slave feelsEpoc's warm mouth on his cock. Once the slave's mask comes off,the three men enter into an ever-evolving fuckfest. Epoc and Brunoswitch off topping the willing slave and eventually Epoc ends up in themiddle, fucking the slave while being fucked by the master. Heexperiences it all while hidden in the anonymity of the dark backroom.
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