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Elder Isaacs & Patriarch Smith - Evaluation Part 2

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DescriptionPatriarch Smith is always happy to fulfill his duty toward the young men whom The Order assigns to his care. Currently he’s been put in charge of disobedient Elder Isaacs.

It seems the young missionary has been engaging in an extreme amount of unsanctioned gay sex. Despite the disciplinary efforts of the Patriarch’s fellow priesthood leaders, they have been unable to make Isaacs feel regret or remorse.

The Patriarch understands Elder Isaacs. He himself was once young and wild. He understands that sexual experiences can be overwhelming and addicting for a young man.

But he also knows the intense pleasure to be gained from controlling and directing sexual impulses, from denying and then releasing them. And he knows best way to teach the young missionary how to ride the edge of his desire is some good old hands-on experience.

Patriarch Smith has had the pleasure of meeting Elder Isaacs previously. He knows the young missionary is attracted to him ¬Ė and the feeling is mutual.

How could he resist such a temptation as Elder Isaacs? He uses the information to his advantage. The missionary has grown over-confident and it’s time someone put him back in his place.

He leaves the boy alone as long as he can before contacting him, as he needs to reaffirm control over the young Elder. But soon his own desire becomes overwhelming. He longs to see the missionary’s young, naked body again. He has clear memories of Elder Isaacs pink nipples, round ass and tight hole. He’s eager to discipline him.

He sends word for the missionary to attend an interview where he will perform an evaluation. The moment Elder Isaacs walks through the door, the Patriarch knows that the young missionary is ready to submit. The young man is too shy to hold eye contact, like a puppy, and Smith knows he already has full control of him.

Given the extent of Elder Isaacs’s disobedience, there’s no need for words or explanations. The boy has committed every kind of sexual transgression, and he knows why he is here.

Patriarch Smith wastes no time. Once the boy’s naked, he bends him over the bed and teases him with the head of his cock. The boy lies there, still, entirely obedient. And then, as his tight hole opens to swallow the older man’s cock, eager to take him in up to the hilt, the Patriarch can tell he wants more.

Isaacs wants to feel what it’s like to get fucked, hard, by a man. But Smith fucks the boy deep and slow, ignoring the Elder’s urgent desire for a good hard, fucking. This isn’t about what Elder Isaacs wants, but about what Smith feels the boy needs.

As the boy starts to moan and writhe on the bed, the Patriarch pulls out. It’s time to examine him. He kneels on the floor, inspecting his tight pink asshole, tasting it with his tongue and pushing his thumb inside, he’s tight and wet.

He can see that Elder Isaacs’s dick is hard and aching between his legs. As a reward he allows the young missionary to touch himself, which Isaacs does and lets out a satisfying whimper.

The Patriarch knows that he’s gained full control of Elder Isaacs. The boy is on the edge of cumming. The time has come for the Patriarch to reward the boy’s patience and so he pounds the sexy Mormon missionary boy’s hole hard and deep.

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