The Slu++y Professor

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Description"Professor Radcliffe is involved in a research project. He is studying men's cocks to determine who's got bigger ones: gay men or straight men. Standing at the front of the class in his white lab coat, Professor Radcliffe explains his research project to his class of handsome young men. Then he calls for a few volunteers.

Clint Walker is the first to volunteer and the first to get blown by Radcliffe. Then Richard Raines and Sebastian are called upon to assist Radcliffe. Radcliffe blows both of them. Finally Michael Brandon is measured up by Radcliffe's mouth. Carlos Cruz is sent to measure up Eric Evans. Eric heard you could make a few bucks by volunteering and he is "up" for it. Carlos sucks Eric's beautiful cock before he fucks Eric's tight, hairy hole.

The Dean of the University is Sam Crockett. He has heard about Professor Radcliffe paying boys for sex and he sends the head of campus security, Lex Kyler, to check it out. Lex ends up with Michael Vista. Michael sucks Lex. Then Lex rims and fucks Michael's shaved butthole.

Dean Crockett puts Radcliffe on the spot. Radcliffe assures Crockett that this is all for the sake of research. In fact, Radcliffe has secured a $25,000 grant for the University to continue his research. Upon hearing that news, Crockett drops his suspicious ways and personally volunteers for Radcliffe's project. Radcliffe starts by sucking Crockett's meaty cock. Then Crockett buries it deep into Radcliffe's begging ass."
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