[Studio 2000] - Don't Dick With The Devil

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Original upload:  2009-05-31 23:21:27

Category  Gay, Feature
Director  Derek Kent
Starring  Joey Hart, Brian Hanson, Brad King, Jake Armstrong, Tony Dancer, Critt Davis, Zachery Scott, Cliff Trent, Sloane Winters

Trent, Scott and Armstrong are cast as three misogynist heterosexual roommates whose idea of a good time is gangbanging virgin chicks. Life is great for the trio until they mess with the wrong girl: Sloane Winters. She decides to get even by visiting her local devil-worshipping voodoo priest who cast a spell on the three - transforming them into three West Hollywood fags! Out go the Playboy mags and airbrushed paintings of big-breasted babes, and in come the b&w Herb Ritts-style pretty-boy photos and questionable coffee-table sculptures.
The three set off to find out about homo sex, taking to it like ducks to water. Scott gives businessman Tony Dancer a good reaming with his smooth, rock-hard powerbook. Armstrong meets the wealthy Brian Hanson; and in the vid's best scene Trent gets one mean blow-job from Joey Hart in the back of a convertible.

But after sex, all three get dicked over by their boyfriends and so, they in turn, seek revenge by seducing - and gangbanging the shit out of - their none-too-appreciative neighbor (a very acrobatic Brad King). King enacts his revenge in a way that needs to be seen to be believed (it's pretty funny actually). Let's just say that it involves farm animals.

The sex ranges from standard to eye-popping, and these boys pull the "straight thing" off well. Any fag-hag friends of yours are bound to be appalled at the misogynistic dialogue, so be warned. A lot of fun, though.

Keeneye Reeves

*** Watch out for the hot double fuck scene featuring BRAD KING (Pic 3) ***

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