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Hidden behind some bushes Mecko and Becko are observing a young farmer working on a meadow. What a tasty boy, Mecko thinks, but they decided to first observe him for a while just to make sure that he was really alone.

The farmer boy's name is Arsen, actually a 19-year old boy who uses to work in the local post office of Novo Sazky. But as the economy has been going down in Tchukistan for many years now he was happy to work at his uncles barnyard. And as the civil war is starting to rage in the cities he feels safe here in the countryside. Maybe too safe.

He was shifting the hay as he was planning a little break. �Now�, Becko says, and the two stand up and approach the guy with fast but firm steps. They almost stand right in front of Arsen as he finally recognizes them. The soldiers immediately grab his arms and start to tie them. �No, no, please not�, our boy cries - but no chance. What a turn on, the boy almost cries just for being tied. Did he already guess what is going to happen to him?

�He will be fun�, Mecko stated as they were leading the boy away.

Just a fifteen minutes walk away they reached their shelter as the boy keeps begging for mercy. Yea, he almost cries like a girl. They push him to the wall and Mecko gets on his special gloves. Time for the strip search.

First the dirty farmer boots. Then the socks. Now it�s time for his pants, �Nice undies�, Mecko laughs. �now down with them!� And there he stands � stripped and naked within seconds. And Mecko takes a good look at the boy�s hole.

The young man�s body appears to be very clean � smooth and cultivated. Unusual for a farmer, Mecko thinks. �Lets take him to the timber�. And thats what they did. Arsen gets tied with his hands up to the wooden bar. �Shut up boy!� Then Becko tapes the guy�s mouth. Just after being blindfolded Becko takes out his scissor to cut the boys shirt. First two holes next to his nipples. And as Mecko starts to fondle them our little farmer � boy really understands what the soldiers are planning to do with him.
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