Hot Cops 1 - 4 (Series 1)

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DescriptionAll four of the first series of Hot Cops in one folder, with picture galleries.


The first in a series of three (actually, now four!) videos involving some of the hottest men in law enforcement, shot cinema verité style much like the famous TV show "Cops" and directed by Chip Daniels. This and the two videos that follow, "Hot Cops 2" and "Hot Cops 3" are renowned for their realism. It's wild juicy cop-criminal sex in the seamy city of L.A.

Follow these hot tops as they cop a fuck, catching rebellious youth with their pants down and their willing butts and mouths open. Watch our muscular big-dicked men of the law, officers Romero and Rockland, as they chase down, strip, search and bend over one horny young stud after another, thrusting the rod of justice deep into crime! Force pounding their holes raw! All finally exploding in a late night jail cell initiation of asshole stretching, throat probing and juice blowing action! This is uncensored XXX hardcore sex, up close, in your face and at it's best!


This time, reporter Jeff Austin interviews officers Slater, Powers, Baldwin and Brandon about some of their men-on-men experiences while a member of the force. And those stories will amaze you as we learn that within the ranks of these men in blue lies the hidden passions of flesh lust! And while conducting the interviews, reporter Austin receives the blunt end of more than one of these officers "pistols." Proving that police brutality was never like this.


Available for the first time on DVD, Chip Daniels’ “HOT COPS 3: The Final Assault” continues his award winning “Hot Cops Series” and offers up 10 of Centaur’s hottest models in 2 hours of non-stop action even more wild than before. In this, his third movie in the HOT COPS Series: HOT COPS 3: “THE FINAL ASSAULT,” stars hot, hard, and hung Matt Bradshaw and Steve O’Donnell as our ass-bustin’ men in blue. Trained to make men submit, they’re undercover and all over Boys’ Town in the biggest ass stretching, cock pounding, spit shining episode of all! Get out the lube and follow along with our nasty men of the law as they enter a slutty underworld of drugs and gay manimal sex. All the bad guys are young, juicy and hungry for it: cocks, dildoes, fingers, billy clubs; you name it, they try it! These lawbreakers like it wet and wicked. The story opens as Officer O’Donnell is trying to explain to his new partner, Officer Bradshaw, the undercover operation he has been pursuing for a year. A call blares out over the dispatch and interrupts, sending them racing to break up a domestic fight between K.C. Hart and Chad Donovan. After separating the two, O’Donnell executes his own hard tooled version of questioning. This is just the incentive to encourage the lovers to “make up.” And boy do they! Chad’s 12 inches are used very persuasively on gorgeous blond K.C.’s smooth boy body! Cut to the Captain’s office, at the Police Precinct: The Captain chews the officers out for not having busted the drug ring yet. O’Donnell promises a bust by the weekend, requesting $10,000.00 to set it up. Then they are off! Bradshaw drops off O’Donnell (now in street clothes), near the condo of his underworld contact, uncut Latin stud, Max Grand. A casual 3-way between Max Grand, Eric York and Sweet William is interrupted by O’Donnell at the door. He and Max make their drug deal. O’Donnell then leaves with his instructions in hand. Max also takes off with the money, leaving blond superhunk Eric York and nasty, tasty Sweet William. Now starts some serious mansex. Both these studs end up “ends up”, fulfilling their needs with each other and some hefty toys! Next morning Officer O’Donnell is alone, driving to the station. He passes an open garage door. Stopping to investigate, he discovers buffed and muscled brunette, Tony Brandon, pumping iron. Brandon is ready for even harder action. He enlists the aid of O’Donnell to “work him out” every which way and loose! Afterwards, O’Donnell arrives (obviously late) to meet his partner, Bradshaw. O’Donnell explains to Bradshaw that as this drug ring is completely made up of gay men they just might have to have sex with them. Bradshaw is shocked, but quickly recovers and decides to go stake out the Hang Ten Bar, where the deal is supposed to go down. Upon his arrival, Bradshaw finds bartender Kyle McKena “setting up” a very special bar. He enlists his aid in learning the finer points of man-to-man sex. McKena is a beefcake, unbelievably handsome, with a body to boot, that loves to be worked. Officer Bradshaw is more than willing to work him in the hardest ass pounding, toy-stretching, anal assault on record. This scene is incredible, a must see, probably the best gay sex recorded in the `90’s! Let’s not forget the setup for HOT COPS 4: BUSTIN LOOSE. It’s time for the deal to go down. As all the players drift into the Hang Ten Bar, O’Donnell heads to the men’s restroom to meet his contact, Adam Rom. Adam insists on sex before delivering the goods. O’Donnell is happy to give this beautiful stud his just desserts. As they begin, Max Grand comes in, watching and stroking until he decides to join in. Just as he sinks to his knees, along with Adam Rom, in front of O’Donnell’s massive rod, the picture freezes, informing us that the story (and sex) is “…to be continued”...


Available for the first time on DVD, Chip Daniels' "HOT COPS 4: BUSTIN' LOOSE" continues his award winning "Hot Cops Series" and offers up 11 of Centaur's hottest models in 2 hours of non-stop action, including a record 20 cum shots. The DVD version also includes a deleted scene, not included in the original video, which shows what goes on behind the jailer's closed door when prisoner Steve Pearce is checked in.

The "HOT COPS 4: BUSTIN’ LOOSE" story begins where "Hot Cops 3" left off, in the men's room of the Hang Ten Bar. It's time for the drug deal in "Hot Cops 3" to go down. As all the players drift into the Bar, undercover police officer Steve O'Donnell, played by the handsome, 8" hung blonde, heads to the men's restroom to meet his contact, the lithe, Nordic looking, bubble-butted, Adam Rom. Adam insists on sex before delivering the goods and O'Donnell is happy to give this beautiful stud his just desserts. As they begin, enormous tooled, muscle studded, 11" Max Grand comes in, watching and stroking until he decides to join in. He sinks to his knees, along with Adam Rom, in front of O'Donnell's massive rod, and is soon joined by another undercover police officer, the well hung, hard pounding, Matt Bradshaw, turning the scene into a no-holds-barred 4-way. Max and Matt proceed to pulverize Adam's scrumptious ass with their hard rammers and soon they have both Adam Rom and Steve O'Donnell bending over for an ass pounding that has the whole men's room shaking. Each shoot their man juice before the undercover officers complete their drug bust and hustle Adam Rom's newly stretched butt off to jail.

Later that night, Sheriff Bud Stetson, with his unbelievably "beer can" sized tool, is on patrol and comes across the young, Centaur exclusive bottom with the "to-die-for-ass," John Ross, driving on a lonely road. Stetson stops Ross, arrests him, and takes his young charge to a deserted barn where, in the blare of his vehicles' headlights and flashing overhead lights, he strip searches Ross, followed by a whipping, and much more. By morning, John has had every orifice of his body examined over and over again, including by Sheriff Stetson's manmouth sized tool. While no doubt punishing, John’s dick stayed hard throughout the ordeal, and shot two loads before Stetson unloaded his man cream onto John's belly. But as if his fucking is not enough, he winds up in the same jail where Adam Rom, and another prisoner, the trim, big-dicked, Dave Davidson, are already in residence. This is a jail where jailer Peter Dixon, using his 9" thick ass rammer, takes great delight in having sex with his prisoners, including his conducting extensive body searches.

Meanwhile, back on the street, undercover vice officer Doug Forbes, a handsome, 9" hung stud, makes busts for illicit sex in men’s rooms his specialty. There he places hustler Steve Pierce, the tall, well-built hunk with a beautiful ass and dick, under arrest and brings him to Dixon's jail to join the others. Returning to his beat, and in search of new quarry, Forbes, sees Sean Dickson jacking his 10", thick, dick while sitting on the toilet in another men's room. Using himself as bait, Forbes shoves his own 9" stick through a glory hole where it is quickly serviced by an eager Sean Dickson. After both he and Dickson have shot their loads, he busts Dickson and takes him to join the other prisoners in Dixon's jail. As shown only in the deleted scene, after arriving at his jail, Pierce receives Peter Dixon's special attention as he completes a more than thorough body cavity search and finds contraband Pierce has attempted to bring into the jail. Pierce is then placed with the other prisoners. It is then that we learn more about the insatiable and sex hungry jailer, Dixon. He expects his dick to be constantly serviced and there's nothing better to do it with than the mouths and butts of his prisoners, including Pierce and Davidson. It's Pierce that gets the worst of it, after being made to suck both Dixon and Davidson, he's ordered to give up his butt, first to Davidson and then to Dixon. Soon he's sandwiched between the two where they shoot their hot loads onto his back and face as he unloads on his bed.

All of this abuse by Dixon causes the five prisoners now there to begin to plot an escape. But not before officer Forbes, knowing just how sex crazed Dixon's jail is, returns for the second half of his encounter with Sean Dickson. Dixon eagerly gives Forbes the keys, as he goes off on a break. Forbes enter the jail and Dickson's cell. This time, it's Dickson's butt that takes a severe fucking from Forbes 9" tool. And while he's in the throws of his orgasm, the keys to the jail, which he mistakenly left on the bed while he pounded Dickson, are snatched from the adjoining cell by prisoner Adam Rom, who quickly lets all of the prisoner’s loose from their cells. The five prisoners then jump Forbes, handcuffing him to the jail cell bunk. And in no time at all, they're "BUSTIN' LOOSE." With strip searches, an ass whipping, fucking and sucking, including a record 20 cum shots, "HOT COPS 4: BUSTIN' LOOSE" is a classic you must have!

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