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Dreamboybondage Jordan - Payoff for Pain Part1-7

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DescriptionPayoff for Pain – Part 1
Jared has no idea who Jordan is. All he knows is he’s being paid a lot of cash to make the kid suffer and turn him into a whimpering, cock-sucking pain slave. Jordan is a college frat boy: 21 or 22, extremely good looking, fit and tan, with gleaming teeth, perfect hair and a great bod. “I don’t know who you pissed off, boy,” Jared tells the blindfolded and gagged youth, strapped to a steel chair, nearly naked but for a jock and a V-neck undershirt. “But they’re paying me a lot of money to hurt you,” Jared adds, then rips open the V-neck, revealing a smooth, well muscled torso. The kid moans through the tape gag, terrified, then squeals in shock when steel clips are attached to his nipples. In just a few minutes, thousands of volts of electricity will travel into his nipples and down his whole body. Next week: Whipped torso.

Part 2
After being repeatedly shocked, Jordan is pretty much out of it as Jared mauls his quivering flesh, then unfastens him and drags him into another room, stretching him out, back arched, on a long, narrow platform. Hours later, Jared strokes the now fully recovered young stud’s thickly muscled body. “Please…” the frat boy mutters, looking up at the young man preparing to hurt him. “Sorry, boy,” Jared replies, “I don’t have any choice. I’m getting paid a lot of money to hurt you and it’s about to get a lot worse.” Jared is such a sadist, he toys with the boy, dragging the single-tail of braided leather over Jordan’s beautiful torso. Then the whipping begins. The boy’s screams echo off the concrete walls. By the end, Jordan is completely naked, his torso cut with a dozen welts, glistening with sweat and from the alcohol misted on his wounds. Next week: C&B stretch.

Part 3
His muscled torso still striped with welts from the bullwhip, frat boy Jordan remains painfully arched on a wooden platform, stretched out and totally vulnerable, when his tormentor, Jared, returns, this time with a rope-noose that he loops around the base of his victim’s cock and balls. Jordan squeals in fear – then in pain as Jared lifts his body off the wooden ramp by the balls and ties the rope off, painfully stretching his balls. Then Jared smacks Jordan’s balls, cock, abs, nipples and inner thighs with a riding crop, sending the kid into spasms of pain. Now let’s see if he can still get his dick hard. Next week: He shoots, he cums.

Part 4
After brutally torturing Jordan’s arched body for hours, Jared strokes the young frat boy’s beautiful cock. Despite all the pain he has suffered, Jordan quickly gets hard. “Come on, boy, cum for me!” Jared says, knowing a good money shot is just what the man paying him will want to see after watching his favorite frat boy suffer. “I might even let you go,” Jared adds – an obvious lie, but Jordan is just desperate enough to believe it. Sure enough, Jordan delivers a nice, slow eruption of cum, coating Jared’s hand. “Please, let me go now, like you promised,” the young man pleads. But he knows he’s not going anywhere. Jared wants to earn a bonus, even if he has to whip this kid within an inch of delirium. Next week: Bullwhipped ass is fucked.

Part 5
Jared loves his job. A guy he has never met has a perverse desire to see some college boy named Jordan stripped naked and tortured. All Jared knows about the kid is he’s 21, a lacrosse player and has a girlfriend named Jodi. He doesn’t know why the guy wants this Jordan tortured. It might be vengeance or maybe he just saw the kid and liked his looks. Jordan is, after all, very sexy, a real frat jock. All Jared knows is he gets a nice fat paycheck if he does what his client wants while he watches. Even better, Jared’s just been offered a bonus is he rams a 12-inch dildo up Jordan’s virgin ass. 12 inches, all the way in, followed by a long, rhythmic fucking. Next Week: Suck that cock.

Part 6
Jordan has just been brutally tortured and fucked, but he sees light at the end of the tunnel. The muscular stud torturing him for money must have gotten paid because now he says he’ll let Jordan go. All Jordan has to do is suck Jared’s cock and get him off. “Suck it, boy!” Jared, naked and sporting a raging hard on, demands, shoving his cock down Jordan’s throat. The poor straight boy sputters and chokes but sucks away, hoping the big stud will cum fast. Sure enough, Jared pulls out of the kid’s mouth and spurts a massive load of cum all over his well-whipped back. “Sorry, dude, I lied,” Jared announces, with a laugh. An hour later Jordan, still naked, is strung up, spread-eagled, when Jared returns wearing hard-rubber boxing gloves. Next week: Gut punched.

Part 7
“Please. I don’t deserve this,” young Jordan, now spread-eagled, naked, between two wooden poles, begs. Jared, flexing his muscles and rubbing his hard-rubber boxing gloves together, just snickers, “Nothing I can do, boy, the client wants to see you beat.” Then he lands a powerful blow to the frat boy’s abs. A lot more punches follow, then a long, hard flogging on both the front and the back of Jordan’s naked body. If that wasn’t bad enough, Jared then fucks the kid senseless with the largest dildo yet. Next week: Cum.
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