♺ Fantasy Fight 3 - Scott Randsome vs Sean Diamond

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-11-17 |
BG Enterprise - Fantasy Fight 3: Scott Randsome vs Sean Diamond

A classic early bgenterprise wrestling match in which Sean Diamond plays the hunky pretty boy jobber who gets absolutely destroyed by massive Scott Randsome. Sean's muscular body in a tight blue bikini is beautiful to behold but he is clearly outmatched as Scott slowly demolishes his California boytoy. Throughout the match, Scott can't help but vigorously dry hump Sean's luscious ass, with Sean himself only capable of moaning and gasping in response. Sean bravely tries to fight back now and then, but the outcome is inevitable, and Scott isn't satisfied until every last ounce of energy is drained from Sean's body. Post-match fucking ensues and Scott further cements his dominance by clasping a sleeper hold on a post-orgasmic Sean. Having just cummed for his victorious opponent, Sean is too exhausted to fight back and his moans slowly fade away as the blonde musclestud falls unconscious in merciless Scott's arms.
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