LatinBoyz - Kush, P Star and Sabado

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1. Kush… One of our hot broke straight naked Mexican men: Images 1-2;

Age: 18;
Height: 5′ 9″;
Weight: 155 lbs.;
Nationality: Mexican-American.

We first met 18 year old Kush a couple months ago when he let P*Star suck him off in one of our Broke Straight LatinBoyz videos. At the time he felt it would be easier to just get sucked off than pose for a photo shoot but now he felt confident enough to do a solo shoot.

He was still really nervous (as you will see in next week’s video) but had no problem keeping his thick veiny uncut cock hard. We asked him if he’s done anything else with a guy since we last saw him but he told us P*Star is still the only guy that has let gotten him off.

2. P*Star: Images 3-4;

P*Star is 20 years old and has pretty much lived the straight life in Visalia, California until about six months ago when a guy sucked him off at a party for the first time (Lucky guy got to suck on that big thick cockhead and swallow his juicy load). Since then he has been bisexual and liking it.

So far he has only topped with a guy but a couple of guys have rimmed him and he says he liked it. As for his name he said he just liked the sound of it and is considering doing hardcore porn but wants to see how things go doing a solo first.

Birthdate: May 4th (Taurus);
Height: 5ft 8 inches (178 centimeters);
Weight: 130 lbs. (54 kilograms);
Dick: 6.5" cut (19 centimeters).

3. Sabado… Check out that big curved Latin cock and hot body: Images 4-5;

Age: 21;
Height: 5′ 9″;
Weight: 165 lbs.;
Nationality: Mexican-American.

If you’ve been a LatinBoyz.Com member for a while you already know that Sabado has a big curved cock from his scene fucking P*Star and a really hot body. What we didn’t know is how he got that sexy body. Turns out he’s a lifeguard and swims everyday to keep in shape. He is bisexual and only tops with guys.

The curved shape of his cock is his secret weapon he told us because he always manages to find the g-spot when fucking guys or girls. And he has the stamina to fuck long and hard from all the exercise he gets.

4. Kush and P*Star…. Straight guy gets sucked off: Images 7-8;

Kush is straight but let P*Star sucking him off in this video.

5. P*Star and Sabado… Broke straight Latino men in porn: Images 9-10;

Talk about sibling rivalry… When bi-curious hotty Sabado found out his twin brother had done nude modeling for a different company he wanted to one up him by doing hardcore porn. He already knew LatinBoyz model P*Star and asked how he could get into porn.

“Fuck me and I’ll show you,'” was P*Star’s answer and it was so hot be brought him to us to film the action and Sabado got his wish for getting into porn. As you can see he has all the right equipment… A hot body and big curved uncut cock.

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