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DescriptionTag Team Edging

New model Roger is 29 years old, tall, lean and muscular,
hairy, handsome and manly, and Rich and Scott team up
to torment him.  They take turns teasing and edging him,
making him dance and squirm, forcing him to adapt repeatedly
to different stroking styles and techniques, slowing him down
every time they switch as he moans, gasps and whimpers with
pleasure and frustration.  Finally, Scott gradually increases
the pace while gripping his balls as Roger pants, gasps and
shoots high into the air in an intense cum shot before
his sensitive cock is milked dry.

Roger on the Rack

Scott has sexy Roger tied to the rack for a slow, sensuous
hand job.  After stroking and fondling every inch of Roger's
muscular, hairy body, he starts to slowly stroke his cock. 
Roger gets hard immediately and starts a low, sexy moan as
Scott works his dick, arching his back and thrusting his hips
like he's ready to cum.  But some guys need a little more
tenderness to get off, so Scott untied him, took him in his
arms and stroked him to completion in an intimate and
sexy cum shot.

A Long Teasing

Jim is 25 years old, straight, masculine and sexy with a beautiful,
long cock that is very responsive to the slightest touch.  Rich has
him tied to a chair and a gentle stroke close to the head to keep
him aroused.  Jim is continuously on edge, asking repeatedly for
permission to cum.  After denying him many times Rich agrees,
but gives poor Jim only 10 strokes to get off.  He fails, and Rich
repeats the ridiculous demand several times, increasing Jim's
arousal and frustration each time.  Finally Jim makes it, shooting
his thick load into the air in ten strokes.  Rich then does a long
milking of his ultra sensitive, spent cock while he twists and
writhes in discomfort

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