Landon Conrad, Rylan Knox - Intensity 1 (Parts 1 & 2)

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DescriptionPart 1
Landon Conrad and Rylan Knox stand in a whirlpool tub, kissing and stroking each otherÂ’s cocks. The contrast of RylanÂ’s taut swimmerÂ’s physique versus LandonÂ’s hairy chest and awesome musculature adds a cock teasing daddy-boy vibe. LandonÂ’s thick endowment fills RylanÂ’s face, his lips creating a perfect seal as he bobs his head to work the entire shaft. They swap places. Rylan has a dick that measures two handfuls, and LandonÂ’s mouth takes charge. Another flip; Rylan expertly deep throats LandonÂ’s girthy cock. Landon shoots his load and expels long ropes of cum that streak across the tub, saving the last shots for RylanÂ’s face. Rylan jerks and pumps out a well-earned load as his nuts churn the waterÂ’s surface.

Part 2
Landon Conrad fucks Rylan Knox and of course itÂ’s some pretty hot shiz. However, the reason why the scene is just so sexy is because the two of them look like they could be twins. Actually, better yet, Rylan Knox is like a young version of Landon Conrad which makes the whole thing feel almost artsy. My favourite part of this scene has gotta be when Rylan Knox is perched over Landon ConradÂ’s face getting the rim job of his life.
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