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Original upload: 2021-11-04 15:43:03 |
director John Travis

Blake Anderson (90s)
Brent Cross
Brett Winters
Dino DiMarco
Eric St. Germain
Ethan Marc
Jason Nikas
Jeff White
K.C. Hart
Seth Black

Superstar director Travis has come up with a cool, hip look at the 1950s in this, his latest opus. Tailspin features Ethan Marc as a "greaser" who wants more from life. His job at the local diner is going nowhere and he constantly has to contend with snobbish "socs" who come in to be waited on. His main attraction is for pretty boy Jeff White who seems totally disinterested. So Ethan decides on having a good old time on the griddle with one of the boys after hours, giving him a nice order of sausage. Ethan looks great and his acting has improved considerably. The flick plays out as a standard boy-loses-boy, boy-regains-boy with some notable sex scenes thrown in. Maybe too vanilla for some tastes, the photography, score and set design contribute to make this a keeper.

1. K.C. Hart, Brett Winters, Jason Nikas, Brent Cross, Ethan Marc, Jeff White

2. Brett Winters, Seth Black

3. Jason Nikas, Jeff White

4. Dino DiMarco, Eric St. Germain

5. K.C. Hart, Blake Anderson

6. Jeff White, Ethan Marc
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