♺ Thirty Minutes of Torment - Micky Mackenzie (36094) mp4

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-08-26 |
Thirty Minutes of Torment - Micky Mackenzie (36094).mp4
Hot pain pig pushes his limits to the max!

Micky Mackenzie is no stranger to BDSM but he admits that his pain tolerance is pretty low, nevertheless he's still a pain pig. The Wall - Micky begins his session with the wall. Van works the boy over with his bare hands. Micky grits his teeth as he's punched and smacked. Van brings out the flogger mercilessly beats him before taking him off to his second challenge. - The Pit - Van uses the cane on Micky, leaving beautiful red welts on his ass. With a row of clips across Micky's chest he's caned on his ass and thighs. A round of hot wax takes Micky to his limit, and then Van flogs it all off. The Water Station - Micky is now determined to make it through but first he must endure clothespins and the heavy blast of the cold water on his raw skin. Having made it through the challenges Micky launches a huge load.

Duration: 53 minutes
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