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[BG EAST]Billy Lodi vs Skrapper

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DescriptionFeral Lightweights Go Head to Head, or, Boxers In The Buff!

Skrapper and Billy Lodi have been on a inevitable collision course for a good while, now. They faced many of the same opponents, and they've earned a bucketload of respect along the way. They've shot shit barbs at each other on line, on blogs and through mutual wrestling buds. There's definitely some sexy hot and intense aggro between these two sexy lightweights - the exact conditions The Boss salivates over in his match-making!

You might not think it to look at him, but Skrapper makes more than a few of the big boys at BG East awfully nervous. He doesn't know when to quit and never says die, especially when up against some of the biggest, strongest wrestlers that BG East puts in front of him, he's never failed to make his opponents hurt. Just ask big Brook Stetson or Mitch Colby about their catch weight tussles with him, and you'll learn that no one underestimates the damage the Skrapper can do. More bad news for future opponents: he has been honing not only his quickly improving wrestling skills, but his boxing skills as well.

Billy Lodi is another lean lightweight who seems to be made of Teflon. His opponents have thrown every hold, every move, every technique and dirty trick at him, but nothing really sticks. He just keeps cuming back for more. Like Skrapper, the only sure bet an opponent has to keep Billy down is to knock him out cold. It's not that size doesn't matter with Billy. He just gets that much meaner, tougher, and turned on the bigger his opponent is.

When Billy arrives for his match with Skrapper, he's surprised to see his opponent shadowboxing in the ring. Skrapper invites Billy to spar with him. He's brought some extra gear for the unprepared wrestler to change into. Friendly sparring gives both boys an opportunity to test each other's speed, strength and ability to take a punch. Like every friendly sparring match between tough, testosterone-fueled egos, sooner or later someone's going to get hurt. Billy is the first to throw off the gloves in anger. "Come on! Are we gonna wrestle, or what!?" He sweeps Skrapper's legs out from under him and takes him to the mat. Skrapper counters, throwing Billy to his back, taunting him in a humiliating schoolboy pin. "Kiss my bicep!" he demands with a sadistic laugh.

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