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Original upload: 2014-03-22 |
LENGTH: 8:21

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Attention all muscle fans! The hottest and most perfect man in the world is back! Yes, J has returned to blow your mind once again! With his unbelievable, stunning, jaw-dropping, ripped and shredded physique, big muscles and his handsome, model looks, J has reached a level of male perfection that was previously not thought to be possible! Somehow, J keeps on managing to improve on his perfection by growing bigger and stronger, becoming more ripped and getting hotter and hotter! One look at the insanely hot J in his outstanding new video for The Muscle Corps and you are sure to agree that this Muscle God deserves to be placed on a pedestal! J kicks off his latest muscle showcase by doing a bit of flexing for you in his dress shirt! It's not long before J removes the top to reveal his phenomenal upper body to you in all it's glory! After some amazing shirtless flexing and posing for you, J then decides to flex for you while wearing a short sleeved Under Armour shirt! Soon after, the shirt comes off and J hits you with some more shirtless posing! Later, J shows off his incredibly impressive lower body to you clad in underwear! If you're a fan of J, and quite honestly, how could anyone not be, this video of your favorite Muscle God has everything you could ever want! Prepare to be blown away and left in total awe!
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