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Ropedstuds - Victor Parts 1-4

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Studio RopedStuds.com and Kenneth Benjamin Media

Part 1


Victor is spread-eagled on a king-sized bed, under a black sheet that is slowly pulled down, revealing his massive pecs, ripped six-pack and bulging thighs. Victor has just enough slack to flex and strain against his rope-bonds, showing off his amazing physique to perfection. Soon his dick is so hard it’s bursting out of his tiny Calvins. Finally, his briefs are cut away and powerful plastic clips are clamped on his nipples, making Victor gasp and moan in agony, helpless, unable to do anything to reduce the biting pain.

Part 2


Victor is chained up on our fireplace like a prized procession, with just enough slack in the chains to let him flex and show-off that perfect physique. He has no idea why a hook has been attached to his cock and balls with a rip-tie, but he knows whatever the reason, it can’t be good. And he’s right. After letting him squirm for an hour, we hang a 15-pound weight from his balls. We love hearing him gasp and moan is pain, as he flexes and squirms. It’s like a bondage symphony for the eyes and ears. Next we chain him standing against a tall pole, those shoulders and chest now the center of attention. Forcing his hands above and behind his head is both painful and displays his body even better.

Part 3


Victor is on his stomach, arms and legs bound to the corners of a big bed. God, he has an amazing ass – two mounds of white marble that clench and unclench. His broad back and shoulders are equally impressive, flexing and straining against his bonds. Even his feet are perfect. This little stud was made to be tied-up and displayed for his betters to admire. And that’s just what we do. Plus, to make things a little more interesting, we attach two nasty, biting, hard-plastic clamps to the head of his penis and the back of his ball-sack, to make him squirm and flex a little harder. We also love those deep, boyish moans of pain he makes. Such a beautiful muscle boy, suffering, flexing and squirming for our pleasure.

Part 4


Stud boy Victor is back and his bulging pecs and rippling abs have never looked better. Our tight-bodied little stud stands against the bondage pole, bound only by his neck, his rippling, veiny arms free to work his cock. And work that cock he does, spewing out rope after rope of cum. Now it’s time for some more fun. We clean him up and wrap his wrists, arms and ankles to the upright and its support beam with extra strong elastic bandage, so tight you can see his arms getting dark blue. Then, for added fun, we pull the elastic super tight around his chest, just under his pecs, digging deep into his torso. Finally, we add even more tape up and down his body – even his throat – totally affixing him to the pole. Victor screams and fights for a while, but is soon exhausted. What a perfect way to display a perfect muscle boy.
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