♺ The Private Life Of Josh Elliot (2008)

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The Private Life Of Josh Elliot

Stars:  Benjamin Bloom,  Ralph Woods,  Dolph Lambert,  Jeff Daniels,  Andre Pagnol,  Alex Orioli,  Luke Hamill,  Ethan Clarke,  Josh Elliot

Studio: Bel Ami
Series: The Private Life Of
Director: George Duroy

Approximate Running Time: 02:15:23
Custodian of Records CWM 
Fans of Josh Elliot will be ecstatic with the release of Bel Ami's latest video, "The Private Life of Josh Elliot." Not only is there episode after episode of him playing hanky-panky with some of the best known models, but a couple of very sexy up-and-coming heartthrobs are part of the mix as well. Also included are photo shoots and, most enlightening of all, an ongoing interview with Josh throughout the video conducted by none other than the maestro himself, George Duroy. The intimate tidbits gleaned from this tell-all will keep viewers riveted to their screens, as will hearing Josh speak not only English with his sexy Czech accent, but French as well with a very gregarious French Canadian.

The easygoing and fun-filled banter between Josh and Mr. Duroy begins with the discussion of his new hairstyle as opposed to his previous one and why he made the change, which leads to his photo shoot taken in South Africa where the youthful Josh, with his signature bangs, poses for Marty Stevens in an outdoor alcove. Many will remember these seductive poses back when he won us over as lifelong fans with his playful grin and twinkling eyes, and yes, along with that firm, svelte body which hasn't changed one iota over the years.

The interview continues as to why Josh began his career as passive, a great segue into Josh's first episode where he's paired with the irrepressible Ethan Clarke. Throughout the scene, we hear Josh being given directions as Ethan licks his chops at the sight of this fresh meat. When Josh gets on all fours, Ethan, ever sexualizing, eagerly, but lovingly, inspects the virginal hole before him, poking it with his forefinger while spreading those gorgeously squeezable buns wider and wider apart. For certain aficionados, and you know who you are, this clip was filmed during the period when natural body hair still grew wild in seductive areas. The episode enthusiastically concludes with Josh no worse for wear. As for Ethan ... well, his mouse-eating grin was wider than usual. The dog!

The interview leads to the discussion of all the exotic locations Josh has traveled to for Bel Ami. Whether to South Africa - seven times - most of Europe, or living in Australia for several months, his travels have been quite extensive. Except, that is, to America where he was denied a visa. What the...!? Oh well, this most unimaginable of follies is quickly forgotten as the screen morphs into Josh's duo photo shoot with that other gorgeous specimen of male flesh, Benjamin Bloom, who, like Josh, is a beacon of masculine desirability, especially with his penetrating light blue eyes and eye-catching low-hangers, these being just a couple of his desirable attributes.

Back in South Africa, Josh is unexpectedly surprised in the shower when Jeff Daniels wanders in with a video camera and cheekily starts to feel him up after ditching the camera. It doesn't take long, though, before Sebastian Bonnet, and yes, even Johan Paulik in tow, come in with their cameras to record this sizzling encounter for posterity. When two oversexed males come together, sparks will, and do, fly. It begins in the shower, then moves to the throne and finally up hard against the wall as Josh thrusts into Jeff's cavity like an oil drilling bit looking for a rich pool of combustible cum, which, shortly, comes out like a gusher. This is one of the most energy-charged episodes of the video, as both couldn't get enough of what the other was offering. It's also one of the most enjoyable to watch as these high-spirited lads clearly enjoyed their spur-of-the-moment tryst.

Next, we're treated to a different interview, short but charming, between Josh and the French Quebecer, Ralph Woods, communicating in English with a bit of French thrown in, which, naturally, leads to the next segment of them getting down and dirty, but not before a short playful jaunt on the beach in Cape Town where they shower off before heading to the house for an intercultural exchange in a very intimate manner. "I shouldn't cheat on Brandon," Josh remarks as Ralph gets all squishy with him. (Brandon? Hmm, how interesting.) But the cute and cuddly Ralphie, being ever so naughty, convinces Josh that what they're about to do doesn't count since they don't love each other. Hmm, beware of cute and cuddly French Canadians with only one thing on their minds ... sex! Ralph is an expert at sucking cock and can take Josh's in one gulp without flinching. Unfortunately, Josh can't return the favor since Ralph has one super long appendage. Josh, though, has other talents which sates Ralph's needs quite satisfactorily. As they say, it's not the size, but how ... yes, you know the rest.

Returning to Mr. Duroy's interview, Josh is asked why he didn't partake of Ralph's throbbing monster up his ... well, Josh just smiles and politely changes the subject to relate instead his encounter with a very good friend, Alex Orioli.

Utilizing a hotel room in Cape Town, Josh and Alex are so hot for each other they can't keep their hands to themselves as they make a beeline to the bed, fondling buttocks as they go. After some steamy kissing and caressing, Josh wants to get on with the boinking in the worst way. But Alex, ever the romantic, wants to continue with the foreplay a bit longer. Finally, Josh can't take it any longer and commences to caress Alex's rosebud, warming it up for what's to come. At one point, Alex is lying flat on his back with legs spread wide to either side as Josh works the focal point between them with the energy of a slug hammer. After a while, Alex just can't keep his seed from exploding and lets go several spurts as Josh continues to bang away. Obviously, both are proud of this feat as they discuss Alex's surprise ejaculation with the cameraman. But Alex isn't done by a long shot. No sir-ee! He's back for seconds as Josh has yet to release his pent-up energy. With Alex's velvety innards feeling so darn good, though, Josh quickly rips the condom from his pecker and shoots a wad-and-a-half all over Alex's backside. One could easily conclude by watching these lads that, if the camera hadn't been there, they would've had this encounter anyway ... for they were definitely hungry for each other.

George Duroy can sure be nosey. He asks Josh, "Who is your favorite sexual partner of all times and of all our boys?" "If I don't count you ..." laughs Josh. "I'd have to say Luke Hamill." Again, a smooth segue to the photo shoot with Josh and Luke on the set of "Graffiti" as Marty snaps away while they go from one intimate and playful pose to another. Watching them perform acrobatics on the bed is an absolute toot, especially when Luke holds his friend up off the mattress above him while Josh rims his derrière.

Luke joins Josh with Mr. Duroy. Together they coyly evade his very personal questions concerning their private activities together. They call themselves the "Pappas of Bel Ami" for virtually all the new boys go through them for their training. They gleefully inform their boss how they enjoy the newbies, for each one is so different. They either have a "unique ass" or they're "hiding something" to be discovered or they have a "distinct groan" that can only be heard during sex. All of which is revealed during training sessions. Mr. Duroy asks them who they'd like to have sex with next. Josh, a little too quickly, responds with Dolph Lambert while Luke, a little too happily, suggests André Pagnol. They sure know how to pick the crème de la crème.

The prelude for the remaining two episodes takes place on an indoor badminton court where Josh and Dolph team up against Luke and André. Afterwards, they're off to the locker room to undress and head toward the showers. Unfortunately, we don't get to see them washing their sweaty bodies. When we see them next, Josh is with Dolph and Luke is with André on their respective couches in separate areas of the Bel Ami studio. There's no doubt Josh is having a great time with his chosen partner, what with Dolph's gentle personality and seemly enthusiastic enjoyment of having sex with men. And with such an outstanding body, well, Dolph will never have difficulty finding eager mates like Josh to fulfill his every libidinal desire.

Luke is no less pleased with his well-endowed friend whose schlong is one of the wonders of Bel Ami. Luke can't wait to get André's throbbing muscle into his mouth so as to suck it for all its worth. He quickly positions himself into a sixty-nine so as to get right up into that undercarriage to enjoy the aromatic enticements while sucking away at André's cock and balls. But that's enough foreplay, as Luke comes up for fresh air and breathlessly pronounces, "My turn to pound your ass. Enough of this oral nonsense." Wow, what a romantic! Luke is so turned on by his partner's ass, though, that he revs up his ramming speed to such a degree, his balls become a mere blur as André rides him without a cringe or a shudder. André, jacking off, shoots off a load, as Luke continues to slide in and out of nirvana. When it's Luke's turn to spurt sweet nectar, André is right there, like the trooper he is, to slurp up cum as it spills out in streaming white ribbons.

With a private life like this, Josh Elliot is truly one lucky young man. He might have been naive, nervous and unsure of himself when he first started filming for Bel Ami, but he quickly gained his footing and has become one of the company's favorite models, changing from a passive role to one of confident trainer with an enthusiastic élan that has rarely been matched but by a few. Watching "The Private Life of Josh Elliot" will clearly show his progression from newbie with Ethan Clarke to the consummate sexual being he's become with Dolph Lambert. And yet, he still looks like the young, bright-eyed, bushytailed trainee we first saw in "Personal Trainers 4," while still retaining the body of an eighteen year old. With Josh's all-round good luck ... well, it'll be very hard to watch this video without becoming extremely jealous of his lithe body, sexual stamina and his choice of partners from amongst the best examples of dazzling masculinity to be found anywhere. But we'll enjoy every single moment nonetheless
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