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Descriptionis normally still tucked up in bed.  He loves it when he can have a lie in  ¬Ė especially when his slave Helmut is lying at the foot of the bed.  Nyze really likes it when the stupid victim is serving as a hot water bottle for his feet.  What¬ís more, the young Masterboy really gets a kick out of having someone that he can torment and humiliate as soon as he gets up of a morning

Every evening before he goes to bed , the Master  ties a cord around his right ankle and his slave¬ís head.  So short is the cord that Helmut can¬ít avoid having his master¬ís right foot in his face or in his mouth.  And there¬ís more.  The slave has to pass the whole night breathing through an old sock which is secured by sticky tape to his nose

Once the alarm clock  has gone off the Master stays in bed and lights up the first cigarette of the day. The slave licks the sweat from his feet and the dirt from between his toes.  Helmut has to keep his mouth permanently open so that Mater Nyze can spit or flick his cigarette ash into it.  When the cigarette has almost burnt down to the end, the young master gobs onto his slave¬ís forehead and stubs the cigarette out there. Helmut whimpers in pain.

In this video lasting almost 45 minutes the slave is subjected to the most extreme abuse and humiliation . Nyze, naked except for a pair of boxer shorts, is not a morning person and takes his bad mood out on his slave ¬Ė in the bathroom where he cleans his teeth and then makes the slave lick the washbasin clean  and then in the kitchen, where the Master  enjoys his morning coffee whilst the slave has to be content with a glass of his master¬ís spit

Next up , in the living room, the slave is turned into a human vacuum cleaner.  The Master plants his right foot on the back of his slave¬ís neck  and tapes  it to his head so that he can move the slave¬ís mouth over the floor at will. The human vacuum cleaner doesn¬ít just clean up dirt  - he also cleans up his master¬ís spit.

Next up, the slave is charged with helping his master get dressed. The Master  has already been wearing his socks for several days.  Day be day the loser can enjoy new degrees of stink.

You can hardly take in the extent of the slave¬ís degradation which is on show in this clip.  Master  Nyze burrows deep into his nose, pulls out a big fat  bogey , holds it up  to the camera  and is curt in telling his slave what to do: ¬ĎOpen  your mouth .  Swallow it down¬í

Now Master Nyze really needs  to take a piss. He kicks his victim brutally in the direction of the lavatory. Helmut has  an inkling of what he is about to have to swallow......
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