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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-10-28 |
With CALIFORNIA SWEET CUM #1, Body Shoppe has inadvertently produced a comedy of errors. It begins with three cute twinks Cory, Peewee and Tyler. All wear baseball caps, which they never remove perhaps for fear their cocks might fall off if they did? Cory has a lot of tattoos for being only 18. There is a line of Chinese characters moving up his left abdomen, flames on his bicep, and a snake of some sort (dragon?) on his shoulders. Peewee is a bit full of himself, and Tyler has rings in both nipples. [He and Cory are on the cover] They strip, and pull their puds trying to get hard as they watch a straight fuck-film. Tyler’s low hanging balls flop as he and Peewee get a mite hard. Ordered by Uncle Don, the cameraman, Peewee kneels to suck Tyler. They soon go back to jacking off and Peewee cums on a full-length mirror. Cory follows suit. This little guy produces a huge load.

Next up are a young marine in fatigues and Tex, a young guy in a cowboy hat. Both are average lookers. Tex has large canine teeth that are somewhat scary. When they drop their trousers, we discover that Tex has not only shaved his balls but all of his pubic hair. As Tex pulls on his hairless dick and tweaks his tit, we hear Uncle Don’s heavy breathing. After both have stripped completely naked, they put their hats back on. (I guess they feel naked without their hats?) Unlike the threesome we just saw, neither of these guys has erection problems. In order to get the young marine to touch Tex’s prick, Uncle Don tells the dupe that he’s turned the camera off and isn’t filming. So the kid gives a few tentative pulls to the hairless stiffy. He then goes over and jacks off onto the full-length mirror. Tex is now alone, but not for long. In comes the Body Shoppe resident cocksucker, a pudgy man wearing a ski mask and work gloves. He sucks Tex’s prick. Although he won’t win any awards for fellatio, he’s better than Peewee (who isn’t?). Close-ups reveal that Tex has done a fine job of shaving his crotch.... smoooth. He goes back to masturbating and the masked sucker licks the glans. Eventually he leaves, leaving Tex on his own. (I wish I could stroke my cock this long without cumming.) Finally, by shoving a finger up his ass (I really wonder about Tex) he cums.

In the third group we have Ryan and another Cowboy. He’s known as “Cowboy”. They get Uncle Don’s tiresome spiel about the pussy not showing up and promising them the girls will be there the next time. He then asks them about the last time they had pussy. Ryan is silent but Cowboy is off and running with a boring story about the slut he picked up. They strip and…. damn, if Cowboy hasn’t shaved off his pubic hair! Mind you, I like it. But do the ladies? Maybe he and Tex are dating a girl called Delilah. When they show their butts one has a tattoo that says “copyrighted in 1985”. That’s cute. Silent Ryan cums on the mirror as Cowboy flails away. (Odd that he removes his pubic hair but not his hat.) At last he brings forth a fine load.

Peewee returns for the final scene. He is accompanied by a very shy twink who is wearing the ski mask. He never removes the mask or his shirt. He’s just turned 18, and one can see enough to know he’s adorable. Peewee is at his most obnoxious. When the twink is asked if he’s ever had his dick sucked before, he gives a nervous negative headshake. When he’s asked if he will let Peewee suck his dick, he give a nervous affirmative nod. (What a pity that the kid’s first blowjob will be administered by Peewee! What’s worse, he’ll have nothing to compare it to.) The kid is shy and has erection problems so it’s really stupid to suggest that he fuck Peewee. But he’s a spunky little thing and really goes at his dick trying to get it hard. Eventually he has some luck. Peewee lubes up his ass and gets down on all fours. It doesn’t work. Peewee tries sitting on it, but that doesn’t work either. Peewee then lies on his back to try it a la missionary. When this fails they try doggy again. I’m really embarrassed for the sweet kid.  What a fiasco!

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