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Scene 1 involves Ardon Masters, Tim Skyler, and Steff Alexander. This is a very hot three-way, even though it involves a twink. These three guys find an empty RV, (they knock on the door, and enter when nobody opens the door). They immediately tear into each other. Ardon falls to his knees to suck Steff’s cock, as Tim leans over to suck on Steff’s nipples. They continue taking turns doing various things to one another, before becoming fully naked. Steff opens up Tim’s manhole first, while Tim is bent over servicing Ardon’s cock, (and who also has a PA – Prince Albert). Steff fucks him pretty hard as Ardon is lubing up his cock to be next. Ardon enters this boy’s ass without taking off his PA, (I’ve never seen or heard of that before). Ardon continually says to his boy, “You’ve got a nice boy butt, yea baby, etc,” who is bent over with his face in Steff’s crotch area. The camera shows some very nice close up shots from underneath Ardon’s cock as it’s plunging in and out, as well as Tim dripping pre-cum like a faucet. Next, Tim sits down on Steff’s cock, on the sofa. Steff fucks him hard, and then asks Ardon if he wants some, so he pulls out, but allows the boy to lie back on Steff’s stomach, while Ardon begins plowing his ass again. Apparently both Steff and Ardon are HUGE in this boy’s ass because he moans very loudly with every entry, thrust, and so on. Now, the positions are reversed, Ardon is on the chair with Tim sucking his cock, while Steff pounds his butt hole from behind, and lets him have it! The camera shows us up close from underneath again, but of Steff’s large cock plowing this boy’s butt. Tim is bent over with his head down in the chair as Ardon strokes his cock. He has to cum so bad, his legs begin shaking. Ardon shoots a nice large load around his boy’s butt, and then bends down to lick it up. Steff then jacks his cock and cums on the boy’s butt. Ardon bends down to lick cum from Steff’s cock, and then scoops some cum up with his hand, and feed it to his boy. Ardon says to Steff, “I believe our boy deserves another treat.” Ardon jacks his cock again and cums, but this time in his boy’s face. Ardon pushes his cock into his boy’s face, and then instructs him to clean off his cock. Ardon takes turns kissing each of them, and refers to Steff as “my man,” and Tim as “my boy.”
Scene 2 involves Ardon Masters and Steff Alexander, which starts off by a fireplace inside of a house. Ardon is on his knees, servicing Steff’s stiff member. Steff is all too eager to return the favor, and engulfs his cock with PA still on. Next, we see Ardon bent over, and begs his man for his cock, and also with a close-up shot from underneath. Ardon continually comments on how big Steff’s cock is, and prompts him with “Fuck me dude, fill my hole up, etc.” This is a great camera angle, as you can see the cock sliding in and out, but also enough light to see it clearly. Ardon now lies on his back, with his butt up in the air, as we still see close-ups of this action. Steff pulls out, bends down, and begins to lick in and around Ardon’s asshole, but then quickly starts plowing his butt again. Steff fucks him briefly, but then pulls out and shoots his wad on his hole. Steff sticks his dick back inside, pulls out, and then bends down to lick his man juice from around Ardon’s ass. Ardon helps him by “pushing out” cum that’s left in his ass, as Steff continually licks in and around Ardon’s ass. I don’t think he missed a drop. Steff is now bent over, and allows Ardon to fuck his ass, again without removing his PA. Again, the camera shows the action up close and from underneath, but mostly we see it from above. Ardon steadily thrusts back and forth, and then Steff asks for it by saying, “Yeah, right there, and pointing to his ass). Ardon shoots droplets of cum, and then pushes his cock back inside, thrusts a few times, pulls out again, and we see the cum dripping from both his cock and PA, as well as Steff’s ass. They kiss passionately and touch each other’s bodies.

Scene 3 involves Scott Daniels and Ardon Masters, who are both already naked on the bed. Ardon is lying on his back, with Scott’s cock in his face. Ardon begins sucking on it and manages to deep throat his large cock. Ardon lies down more on his back, and allows Scott to force-feed him his cock, while stroking his own. Ardon says, “There’s only one other place where that would feel fucking hot,” so Scott rolls Ardon’s leg over to the side, and immediately begins plowing Ardon’s sweet ass, (there doesn’t seem to be ANY lube or even spit present), but Ardon’s cheeks open up to accept Scott’s hot cock inside. Scott bends over and kisses Ardon a few times. Now, Ardon throws his legs over his head touching the headboard, as Scott goes to town on his ass. We see this hot action from behind, and close up, (but now there appears to be lube present). They’re both apparently enjoying this, as Ardon is moaning out loud and Scott is panting/breathing heavy. Ardon is lying on his back now, with his left leg thrown over his right shoulder, as Scott continues to pound away. Ardon is asked to get on his hands and knees and he does. Ardon continually says things like, “You feel good, you fill me up, let me have that cock, etc.” Scott pounds his ass hard and fast as Ardon moans and groans with every thrust. Scott pulls out, reluctantly it seems, but strokes his cock, shoots his wad onto Ardon’s ass, and then fucks him some more, as the remaining cum drips down Ardon’s nuts. Ardon then sits up, licks cum from Scott’s hand, and then sucks his cock dry, while he strokes his own. When he is finished, he pulls Scott towards him to kiss him sweetly, and then he strokes his own cock and shoots his wad. Ardon didn’t cum as much this time as he has before, but his moaning and grunting would prove otherwise. They continue to kiss, as Scott lies on top of Ardon and they embrace each other, while still kissing.

Scene 4 involves Scott Daniels and Steff Alexander, starting the scene with Steff in a sling. Scott wastes no time plunging his cock into Steff’s waiting ass hole. Scott fucks Steff slowly, but with rhythm, but then pulls out and pushes it back in a few times. They now switch positions with Scott in the sling now, as Steff begins licking his ass and nuts area. Steff finger fucks him a couple of times, before standing up and plunging his cock into Scott’s hot ass. Steff continually comments that it’s a “nice hole,” but it looks rather loose when we see the close-ups. Steff pulls all the way out, pokes it back in, and repeats this about five times, and then continues fucking in rhythm. Steff leans back as he continues to plow Scott’s ass, and then asks, ‘Do you want to go to the bench?” Scott agrees, so they move there. Scott is on all fours as Steff eats his ass, and then starts fucking his asshole again. Steff steps up to the lower part of the two-part bench, where Scott is lying stomach down on the top part. Steff appears to have gained momentum and fucks Scott with some rhythm, as he also slaps Scott’s ass. Steff now steps down from the bench, and proceeds to eat Scott’s asshole and butt cheeks some more, while also stroking his own cock. He stands up and says, “I’m cumming,” as he shoots his wad onto Scott’s ass, and then pushes his cock inside his hole again. Steff follows up by bending down and licking his cum from Scott’s ass area. Scott stands up now, jacks his cock, and shoots his wad onto the bench, as they kiss briefly.

Scene 5 involves Punch Atwill and Tim Skyler, who are already naked and Punch is on his knees sucking Tim’s cock. Tim forces Punch to take the length of his cock, and we hear Punch gag a couple of times. Punch is apparently the “daddy,” and Tim is the “boy,” as they refer to each other in that manner throughout this scene. Punch lies stomach down on what looks to be the same bench used in scene 4, as his boy eats his ass. Punch comments on how someone has taught his boy some things, (apparently he’s eating his ass better than he has before). Tim then starts to fuck his daddy and really pounds him fast and hard, (as it looks and sounds like the bench will fall apart). Tim was fucking so hard and fast, that his cock popped out, exposing a white substance at the tip of his dick, which looked like cum. However, if he did cum already, that sure didn’t stop his fucking motion, as he poked it back in and continued to thrust as before. Now, the roles are reversed, as daddy is now fucking his boy. To hear his boy scream and moan, you would think a 15” dick is fucking him. Daddy slows down his rhythm, and asks his boy if he wants a “treat,” with that being able to ride his daddy’s cock, but in the sling. Daddy fucks him slow, but deep, and the boy writhes in ecstasy with each and every thrust. Daddy continues to fuck his boy slowly, but it sounds like that is killing his boy, as he screams out in what sounds like pain, not pleasure. Daddy then pulls out slowly, moans out loud, as we see cum dripping from his boy’s butt hole. The boy stands up, and they kiss sweetly and also rub each other’s body.

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