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RandyBlue - Hayden & Chip

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Chip Tanner could not believe how big Hayden Clark's penis was. Before we even started he was like a dog in heat wanting to get at it. But we wouldn't even let him near it until the cameras were running. He just loved getting smacked in the face with it and worshipping every inch of it's enormous girth with his tongue, mouth and throat. His own uncut cock started peeking out from behind the waistband of his sexy underwear and it wasn't long before he was totally naked and the two of them were doing an over the edge sixty nine. Hayden loves to eat ass so he didn't miss the opportunity to take advantage of Chip's gymnastic limberness. He bent the smooth athletic stud in half and went to town on his beautiful hole, alternately burying his tongue in and spitting on it's gaping wonder, teasing it to the point where it was practically screaming to be filled with his massive meat. Chip went from his soft moanings of 'oh yea' to a fevered panting and squealing as Hayden literally worked him into a frenzy. Chip's climax is one for the record books. I could describe it but you really need to see it to believe it. And after Chip's award winning orgasm Hayden goes to give him a facial but instead showers him with hot steamy jizz nearly from head to toe.
2012-05-06 19:53:10
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