Captured and Tortured: 2-Pack Barry Burke vs Austin Cooper Brad Barnes vs KARN

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DescriptionAustin Cooper vs. Barry Burke

Barry is on a late night shift outside of a secret warehouse, where he is standing guard over classified information. A figure runs out of the darkness, grabs his victim from behind and covers his mouth with a chloroformed rag. The big man goes out like a baby.

The next scene shows big, bad and buff, Barry Burke strapped to a chair with a cloth bag over his head. Austin has Barry at his mercy. Austin demands information. Barry refuses to give it. Austin starts in on the torture of his opponent. Bending Barry over his knee with a backbreaker, he questions his prisoner.

Barry is strong and overpowers Cooper. Austin is a stud, too. Back-and-forth they torture each other. The intensity rises. A rope is used. Even a steel folding chair is brought into play. There are no rules in love and war.

Austin is determined to get what he wants. Barry refuses to give that information. Who will win this war of attrition?

KARN vs. Brad Barnes

What is KARN wearing? Those look like painted on jean short-shorts…and he’s holding a gun? What type of uniform is he wearing? It isn’t long before Brad Barnes lurks out of the shadows to put KARN down with a rag of chloroform.

KARN wakes up at gunpoint with his hands tied behind his back.

“Don’t push me over the edge,” exlaims Barnes. “I have orders to kill you…but I want to give you a chance.”

Barnes will allow KARN to fight for his freedom. He begins his assault on the bound opposition. He uses several holds to cut off KARN’s oxygen supply. His biceps work nicely around the neck with a rear-naked choke. His legs wrap tightly around the carotid artery. He claws his hands his foes abs.

Barnes gets arrogant and unties his opponent.

Not long before KARN fights his way to the top. Now, he is pissed. He doesn’t want to just punish Brad Barnes, he wants to humiliate him. He holds him gunpoint and forces him to flex from his knees.

The action picks up. Both men are near equals. Fighting in and out of holds. Both men could finish their opponents…if only their opponents would allow themselves to be submissive.

Things get out of hand and Brad Barnes gets shot in the dick.

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