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[Chaos Men] 0076 Andy Turner Solo 720x480

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DescriptionSometimes it's strange where one finds a sense of pride.

I've worked with Andy Turner (or just "Turner" as his friends call him) at least a half dozen times. Then I moved to San Diego and he moved away from Austin. We kept in touch occasionally, and I of course left an offer on the table to do video if he ever needed to make some good money.

It turns out he did, and fortunately, I was one of the first people he called.

Ya know, some models love their experience being on the site, others are embarrassed, while most just don?t even think about it. It's the few ones that don't enjoy it that makes this job suck. But Turner has always loved being photographed and being on the site.

Fortunately, I seem to build long term relationships with a lot of the models, and when Andy called me up and said he wanted to work for me again, I was kind of proud of it. It means he trusts me, and that he always had a good work experience. Long term employees mean you are doing something right!

Turner said he would do a solo, and is actually "thinking about" doing more work. Yep, he?s straight, but after doing the solo, he realized that the "work" was fun and easy.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I have to admit, that I was looking forward to doing his video and was nervous all day waiting for the shoot time.

If you've been a fan of this site over the years, you've been teased and taunted by his gorgeous body and hard dick, but never seen him bust a nut.  Try doing 5-6 photoshoots with him inches away from ya, and never seeing the thing go off! A little frustrating, but part of the experience of being a photographer.

I know most of you are bored by solos, but they are still my most favorite video to shoot and watch. It's a dude at his most intimate, rarely is there "acting", it's very voyeuristic, and I guess to me, they are just more "real" then some of the interactive videos I have shot in the past.

After seeing Turner work himself up a half dozen times over the years and FINALLY seeing him cum, all I can say is,

"It's about dang time!"

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