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When I picked up Conner O'Reily at the airport he said, 'I've been so into bottoming lately. I can't wait to get your cock inside me.'

'I thought you wanted a face painting?'

'Oh, you're going to do that, but only after you fuck the daylights out of me.'

Conner's flight was late and it was 10pm before we arrived at the hotel. 'I'm so horny,' he said, undressing while filling out the paperwork. 'What are you going to do to me first?'

I intended to start the camera with us just chatting and catching up, but I started to get in the mood, too, and started making out with Conner. Kissing a guy, a first for me and completely unplanned.

From there I blow the twink and eat his hole, getting it nice and ready for a good cock fucking. But Conner wants to taste what's going to be in his ass so I feed him my hard on and fuck his face right up to the point of nearly giving him a facial early.

When I fuck his sweet hole it's warm and tight, and his moans drive me wild. By the time I cum I drench his face, slathering my cock in the goo and feeding it to him.

There have only been a few guys I haven't been able to get off by jerking them. Conner is one of those guys. He does this two handed jack off that I couldn't master, so he pleasures himself and cums while I tease his nutsack. And since he already had a mouthful of cum, I fed him some of his creamy load.

Conner's a hot little fuck, and I enjoyed having my way with him.
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