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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-10-03 |
Fuckers are rough and fucking like an animal !
Takers are hungry and taking like a pig !
This site present you real fuckers with hard big dicks and real takers with sloppy holes …
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FUCKERS (Alphabetically):

Antonio Biaggi, Ass Buster, Big Beef, Big Marcos,
Big One, Black Jack, Booty Killa, The Champ, Christos, Country Boy, D-Block,
Darren, Demilson, Drilla, Esteban, Ex-Boxer, Alex, Igor, Jamaican Steel,
Jerry Stearns, King Conda, The Cobra, Koma, Kriz, Lex Duval, Lucky Joe,
Mask-Man, Mister Buck, Mr. Marky, Peto Coast, Red, Remy Mars, Roberto,
Ruff Daddy, Ruff Rider, Rough Trade, Sanchez, Santiago, Sergio, Slayer,
Slim, Slim Thug, Smart, So Sexy, Tristan, Q, Quawn, Woo, Young Gun, Zeta

TAKERS (Alphabetically):

Aaron, Anderson, Anthony, The Artist, Ayor, Babyface, Ben, Benjamin,
Carlito, Casey, Casper, Chiko, Claude, David, Derek, Dominic, Dwayne,
Frost, Greg, Gregor, Henrique Miranda, Iles, Jay, Jens, Jinjin, Julien, Kabron,
Kriss Aston, Leo, Leon, Lil Papi, Lindo, Lucas, Marco, Marek, Mav, Mehdi,
Milan Gamiani, Nandito, Nicholas, Nils Jacobson, Osian, Papisongo, Pig Boy,
Pito, Robby Mendez, Robertico, Rodrigue, Ruben, Sal, T-Bone, Vinicius


13 INCHES FOR ROBBY MENDEZ.mp4 (size: 14:12)
13 INCHES FOR ROBBY MENDEZ, PART 2.mp4 (size: 18:09)
20 DOLLAR WHORE.mp4 (size: 18:10)
AMSTERDAMN.mpg (size: 12:47)
ANTONIO BIAGGI. wmv (size: 16:04)
ASS ASSAULT. wmv (size: 19:01)
ASS BUSTER DOES DAVID.wmv (size: 16:32)
BERLIN FUCKER.mpg (size: 15:15)
BIG MARCOS.wmv (size: 17:40)
BLACK BREEDING.wmv (size: 14:16)
BLACK JACK.vob (size: 16:16)
BOOTY KILLA.mp4 (size: 09:22)
BRAZIL BANG.mpg (size: 16:55)
BRAZILEAN ASSBUSTER. Wmv (size: 17:52)
BRONX MOTEL.mp4 (size: 15:20)
BRUTAL FUCK DOWN.mp4 (size: 11:48)
CONGO MAN. Wmv (size: 14:09)
CRAZY DUTCH MAN.mpg (size: 14:18)
CUBA POWER.mpg (size: 14:31)
CUM DUMP II.mpg (size: 12:45)
CUM RAG FOR BLACK.mp4 (size: 26:47)
CUMBOY.mpg (size: 10:24)
DEREK.mpg (size: 20:55)
DESTROYED.mp4 (size: 14:51)
DOING CASPER. wmv (size: 11:43)
DONT'T TELL MY GIRL.mp4 (size: 17:47)
DOS BORIQUAS BY RED.mp4 (size: 12:49)
DRILLA & PAPISONGO. wmv (size: 14:13)
ESTEBAN FUCKS AMERICA 1.mp4 (size: 10:13)
FUCKED BEYOND STUPID. wmv (size: 27:19)
GHETTO FREAKS III.mp4 (size: 10:21)
GORGEOUS.vob (size: 18:13)
GUNNED DOWN. wmv (size: 15:34)
HAITIAN MONSTER.mpg (size: 14:53)
IGOR AND KRISS.mp4 (size: 17:16)
IGOR DOES RUBEN.mpg (size: 20:30)
IGOR IS BACK. wmv (size: 14:14)
IGOR'S BUDDY.wmv (size: 16:10)
IMPALED.mpg (size: 12:35)
IMPALED 2.wmv (size: 22:48)
IMPALED 3.mp4 (size: 16:19)
JAMAICA STEEL I.mpg (size: 19:57)
JAMAICA STEEL III.wmv (size: 17:39)
JAMAICA STEEL IV.wmv (size: 16:06)
KING CONDA.mp4 (size: 12:21)
KRIZ AND CHIKO.mp4 (size: 11:41)
LOUISIANA MONSTER, PART II.wmv (size: 15:05)
MACHOFUCKER ZETA.wmv (size: 18:56)
MADFUCK.mpg (size: 25:53)
MANHANDLED.mp4 (size: 12:10)
MAV AND THE RUDE BOYZ.mp4 (size: 13:07)
MISTER BUCK FUCKS AYOR.mp4 (size: 10:50)
MONSTER DEL CARIBE II.mpg (size: 16:03)
MR. MARKY.wmv (size: 13:56)
MR. MARKY MEETS GREG.wmv (size: 15:23)
NASTY BREEDING.wmv (size: 13:26)
NASTY COUNTRY BOY.mp4 (size: 12:24)
NEW PUSSYBOY FOR ZETA.wmv (size: 20:02)
NILS JACOBSON GOES BLACK.wmv (size: 20:57)
NO MERCY FOR OSIAN.mpg (size: 16:07)
NUT HOLE FOR MR. BUCK.mp4 (size: 14:13)
NUT INSIDE.mpg (size: 18:18)
OSIAN & THE RUDE BOYZ.mpg (size: 21:43)
PETO VERSUS NILS.wmv (size: 11:19)
POWERFUCKER.mpg (size: 17:54)
QUICKIE WITH IGOR.wmv (size: 11:50)
QUICKIE WITH SANCHEZ.wmv (size: 10:52)
RED DOES JINJIN.mp4 (size: 17:35)
ROUGH FUCK.mpg (size: 18:25)
ROUGH TRADE.wmv (size: 14:46)
RUFF RIDER III.wmv (size: 16:34)
RUSSIAN FUCK.mpg (size: 25:14)
SALOPE II.mpg (size: 19:29)
SANTIAGO.mpg (size: 16:13)
SEXY MG.mpg (size: 20:00)
SHOOT INSIDE.mpg (size: 12:08)
SLAYER MEETS LIL PAPI, PART 1.mp4 (size: 14:47)
SLAYER MEETS LIL PAPI, PART 2.wmv (size: 17:13)
STUFFED.mp4 (size: 11:20)
TALES FROM THE BRONX I.mpg (size: 12:56)
TALES FROM THE BRONX II.mpg (size: 14:31)
TALES FROM THE BRONX III.mpg (size: 15:14)
TALES FROM THE BRONX IV.wmv (size: 13:33)
TASTY BOIPUSSY.mp4 (size: 12:17)
THE OTHER SIDE OF REMY MARS.mp4 (size: 16:35)
THE PIG BOY.mp4 (size: 11:00)
TOTAL ABUSE.mp4 (size: 30:47)
TRISTAN & ANGEL.mpg (size: 16:21)
TWO NUTS FOR PAPISONGO.wmv (size: 13:37)
WHITE BOY FUCK DOWN.mp4 (size: 13:35)
WHITE NUT FOR BLACK BUTT.mp4 (size: 11:26)
WHOSE PUSSY IS THIS.wmv (size: 22:03)
YOUNG AND HUNG.mpg (size: 16:11)
YOUNG GUN.wmv (size: 19:35)
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