Pro Wrestling Exposures

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DescriptionCollection of clips featuring pro-wrestlers getting pantsed or wedgied in the ring and publicly humiliated. TONS of naked ass! Sorry, not always the best quality. Wrestlers include Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Triple H, Chris Masters, Cody Rhodes, AJ Styles, Billy Gun, Davey Richards, Joey Ryan, Rene Dupree, and more! 70 clips total.

A-Aries and BRoode butts exposed.mp4 4.56 MB
A-Aries butt exposed.mp4 3.22 MB
AJ Styles SPANKED.mp4 2.25 MB
Anarquia Exposed.mp4 1.08 MB
Angle and Lesner Kiss.mp4 3.21 MB
Angle.mp4 4.04 MB
Batista Stinkface.mp4 4.48 MB
BDanielson Ass exposed AIWrestling.mp4 38.68 MB
BG moons mankind 5 24 99.mp4 4.75 MB
Billy and Chuck Pansed.mp4 903.82 kB
chavo guerrero depantsed.mp4 4.96 MB
Chippen Devil vs Manslaughter.mp4 25.10 MB
Chris Jericho Moons the Crowd at Houseshow.mp4 4.73 MB
Chris Masters.mp4 524.43 kB
CMasters gets thong exposed.mp4 359.40 kB
Davey Richards pantsed.mp4 7.32 MB
DBryan trunks yanked in cage match.mp4 695.16 kB
DX invasion tour Lyon France.mp4 7.14 MB
Edge Gets Pansed.mp4 1.16 MB
Edge Pantsed.mp4 1.98 MB
El Elegido y Alan Stone en Reynosa enseƱando pompis.mp4 1.33 MB
Eugene Bites Masters Bare Bum.mp4 799.56 kB
Garrison Cade Ass.mp4 2.63 MB
Hulk Hogan's Tights get Pulled Down (Hi Quality).mp4 808.73 kB
James Storm in a thong.mp4 902.37 kB
Jey Uso Pantsed on Raw.mp4 3.39 MB
Joey Ryan Thong.mp4 2.91 MB
John Cena in Thong.mp4 3.18 MB
john cena vs snitsky lumberjack match - wwe raw 2005.mp4 10.06 MB
John Morrisons Bum.mp4 7.29 MB
JRyan KO'Reily and DRichards Pantsed.mp4 11.97 MB
kurt3.mpeg 1.84 MB
Legacy get their shorts pulled down by DX and John Cena LiveSo funny.mp4 11.78 MB
Legacy gets exposed.mp4 4.93 MB
luchador wrestler Showing G string.mp4 3.37 MB
MOV007MOD.mp4 11.99 MB
MrPerfect exposed- 3PW 101902.mp4 364.98 kB
Nalgas de Latin Lover Victor Resendez.mp4 575.15 kB
Nalgas el Elegido tanga negra.mp4 525.10 kB
nalgas marco corleonee.mp4 19.36 MB
palumbo.WMV 2.91 MB
Prince Devitt Bootai.mp4 1.37 MB
Randy Orton and Chris Jericho naked.mp4 24.89 MB
Randy Orton pantsed.mp4 2.42 MB
RDupree gets pantsed 2013.mp4 776.94 kB
Rene Duprees ASS.mp4 1.11 MB
Rhett Titus Thong Funny.mp4 1.33 MB
Ric Flair is Stripped.mp4 455.62 kB
rico.WMV 921.49 kB
Robbie E gets pantsed 3PW 101902.mp4 1.81 MB
Robert Roode Thong.mp4 972.38 kB
Rock vs Triple H Summerslam Highlights.mp4 4.50 MB
RPiper pulls down MrPerfect's singlet.mp4 9.47 MB
RPiper strips Perfect 1991.mp4 9.33 MB
SAustin gets pale cheek exposed.mp4 7.11 MB
Snitsky Pantsed.mp4 1.94 MB
Sonjay Dutt Gets Pantsed.mp4 858.37 kB
Steven Richards gets pantsed.mp4 2.31 MB
Ted Dibiase Jr gets his ASS SPANKED.mp4 4.30 MB
Test and Scott Steiner.mp4 1.89 MB
The Big Shows ass WWE Unforgiven 2006.mp4 2.98 MB
TNA Samoa Joe Challenges Kurt Angle.mp4 27.96 MB
Triple H Gets Beaten Down To His Pants.mp4 8.20 MB
Triple H Stinkface.mp4 1.73 MB
Tyler Black BOTCH.mp4 2.15 MB
Wrestling Manager Pantsed.mp4 3.23 MB
WWE exposed.mp4 1.79 MB
WWE funny-Scott Steiner Batista bombed out of his pants.mp4 400.89 kB
WWE Raw live at Cardiff 101109 Ted Dibiase caught with his pants down Very Funny.mp4 2.33 MB
WWF Billy Gunn Shows His Ass To Ken Shamrocks Sister.mp4 18.39 MB
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