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DescriptionEthan Faye
May 24, 2015

At the ripe old age of 21, Ethan Faye has a distinctly manly look about him. With his solid build and muscled body, his facial hair and his masculine mannerism, it's not surprising that people often assume he's older than he is. But in some ways he's really just discovering himself. For example he just graduated from a trade school and now is out looking for his first job as an apprentice electrician. And maybe even more interesting for you viewers, Ethan, after a lifetime of assuming he was just interested in girls, recently discovered that it really turns him on to have a guy suck his cock and kiss him. He is easing into this kind of fun very gradually but he seems to be thinking about the possibility of taking it to the next level. We hope we can help him there.

Jo Diamond
September 29, 2014

Jo Diamond just has one of those faces that is so compelling it's really hard to take your eyes off of him. When he smiles and laughs it's always a heartwarming moment. But in spite of all that you just have to hate him. Jo Diamond doesn't work out, he eats MacDonalds and drinks red bull almost daily and yet he has the body of a guy who's out playing sports and eating his veggies every day. When I say he doesn't work out, I should clarify because Jo considers sex a workout and of that, he get's plenty. With his big uncut cock, it's not surprising that he's frequently called upon to pound some twink ass. That doesn't mean that he doesn't allo

Marco Gagnon
June 10, 2014

Marco Gagnon has just returned from an amazing trip to Mexico where he spent time in the exciting Mexico City and then over to the beaches of Puerta Vallarta. He was with a friend while he was there and so was not out exploring what gay Mexico had to offer but he was well aware that on the gay beaches there were many eyes upon him. And it's no wonder. Those rippling abs and rugged good looks are enough to turn heads anywhere. But when Marco is wearing a speedo there is just no hiding that he's hung like a horse. We've seen Marco fully erect many times in front of our camera and we're still in awe of his massive dick every time.

Vic Palmer
April 28, 2014

Vic Palmer is a great example of a kind of masculinity that is strong but gentle, assertive but friendly, and energetic but thoughtful. He just seems like the kind of straight boy that doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. When we saw his bulging biceps, shapely chest and huge thighs we were certain that Vic was working out at the gym. But in fact he's a mover by trade and his shape has developed as a result of lifting fridges, washing machines and couches up and down stairs. His great body and personality get him a lot of attention from both boys and girls but as of this shooting, he's only been with girls. And though Vic is certainly interested in sex, he's definitely not obsessed by it. In fact, because he has been so busy the past year, he's had very little time for it. When he did this video for Squirtz it was the first time he had cum in THREE MONTHS! If you don't believe it's true, we think the resulting cum shot and the gallon of cum backs up his story.

David Corey
February 03, 2014

A student at a tourism school, David Corey admits that he's a very reserved kind of guy. No wild partying, no crazy sexcapades, just a conscientious student leading the balanced, conventional life of a 21 year old. And he'll tell you that if you knew him you'd think he's the last guy that would have porn star aspirations. But, as he's found, something happens to him when he's in front of a camera broadcasting to admirers hoping to see him naked. And when you look as good as David does, sharing his naked body with admirers of sculpted abs, bubble buts and smooth, cut pecks is almost a public service. Add to that his projectile cumshots and we think that David's potential as a porn star is unlimited.

Tony Star
September 02, 2013

We were glad to have Tony Star back in front of our camera after more than a year. Video games still occupy most of his spare time when he's out of school but even with all his game playing, he had time for a regular fuck friend for almost 5 months. Knowing Tony as we do, we were surprised that he stuck with just one guy for so long. But when he described the guy's cock, thicker around than a Coke can, we knew why Tony was reluctant to let that one go. He always said he likes the biggest cocks he can get, and he likes it rough, and he likes it to go on and on for as long as the top can deliver. Who would have guessed such an appetite from such an innocent face.

Cam Fox
April 16, 2012

Young Cam Fox is sort of an "all-Canadian" boy next door type. He seems like the kind of boy you could be proud to bring home to meet your mother. He's polite, well spoken, modest, does well in school and plays a lot of sports. What more could you ask for? Well, for one thing you could ask for a smoking' hot natural body. And you could ask for the world's most perfectly shaped long, thick dick. You get all of these in the package that is Cam Fox.
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