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BG East GA10 Tyrell Tomsen vs Gil Barrios

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Description*NO SEX*

Tyrell Tomsen is warming up his ripped muscles when sexy Gil Barrios climbs the steps to the gazebo. "I didn't think you were going to show up," Gil smirks. Tyrell just laughs off the attempted intimidation, and moves to the other side of the Gazebo. Gil gives him a big friendly smile, and holds out his hand for a friendly pre-match shake. Tyrell reaches to accept it, only to have Gil rush in and body slam him! So much for sportsmanship! Gil jumps on top of him, but Tyrell powers him off, and uses a handful of Gil's long curls to drop him into a vicious shoulder-wrenching armbar. "How's that feel?" Tyrell roars, landing a couple of brutal punches to Gil's unprotected forehead. Contemptuously, Tyrell lets him up only to once again grab the curls and drag him back down, straddling him in a schoolboy pose, taunting the sexy stud! When the more fair-fighting Tyrell lets Gil up - he gets full nelsoned for his gentlemanly gesture! Gil takes him down with a reverse bearhug/body scissors combination, then yanks Tyrell's head back much further than it's naturally meant to go - and the big ripped muscle stud is forced to submit!

As the sexy Brazilian flexes in victory, an angry Tyrell drops him with a low blow - Gil's not the only one who can fight dirty! Tyrell puts on an amazing display of scientific wrestling, moving easily from a shoulder-popping armbar to a full nelson he uses to muscle Gil up to his feet! With a contemptuous sneer, Tyrell tosses Gil back down like he's a no-weight lightweight and then launches into a spectacular eye-popping display of his own huge biceps. Few BG wrestlers have the muscular development and symmetry of Tyrell T!

The two tie up once more, and Tyrell, determined not to be suckered again, drags Gil down by the hair yet again! A vicious toe hold coupled with a body scissors, and it looks like Gil is going to have to surrender - until a desperate punch to the abs catches Tyrell of guard and Gil is back on top! Gil rolls the muscle monster over into a brutal head scissors that has Tyrell screaming! Gil demands a submission, but sheer force of will and muscle power enables Tyrell to escape! A few quick stomps to Gil's lower back has the curly-haired stud reeling, and tough Tyrell goes in for the kill! Elbow drops, stomps and punches redden Gil's skin and capture his breath, and finally Tyrell finishes him off with a double bow-and-arrow that has the young Brazilian stud screaming in submission! Enjoying his dominance, Tyrell doesn't immediately release the hold - and when he does, he throws a few more punches to the weakened back of his foe! But Gil resilient and he rallies, and manages to strip Tyrell down to his thong, baring Tyrell's rock hard and beauteous butt!

Maybe Gil feels he just has to 'go low' to bring down the big muscle monster. Or maybe he just enjoys bringing dudes down the easy way. In any case, he's awakened a sleeping giant. Furious, Tyrell launches an all out attack that leaves the very humpy Gil reeling and submitting over and over again. Dragging a limp Gil to his feet again by that tempting to grab hair, he hoists him up and over his shoulder into a brutal body vice backbreaker! "Oh, I ain't done with you yet, boy!" Tyrell sneers, and he carries him out of the gazebo across the dark expanse and down to the private mat room 'grotto'.

Tyrell whips Gil into the wall then laughs as he flexes as the Brazilian staggers. If once was effective, multiple wall-bangers will be even better! Gil gets slammed into the wall over and over again until he finally collapses in a heap to the mat. Tyrell clamps on the first of a phenomenal series of sexy bearhugs, Gil's incredible butt arched in high relief as he suffers and struggles in the muscleman's ever tightening grip. And then it's Payback Time! Tyrell strips Gil down to his own thong, revealing Gil's own gorgeous rump! Broken and gasping, Gil lies twitching on the mat. Tyrell once again goes through his range of poses - entranced by his reflection in the mirror - well who wouldn't be!

But Tyrell's self-absorbed distraction is all the opening Gil needs to clamp on a nasty full nelson that has the hot muscle stud struggling, straining and gasping. Gil hangs on for dear life, summoning up every last bit of strength and determination he owns. He straddle Tyrell and cockily schoolboy pins him, and launches into some impressive and very provocative poses of his own! Back and forth this sexy struggle goes, with neither man offering or asking for mercy as their muscular bodies become slick with sweat. Tyrell strips Gil out of the thong, exposing his masculinity. "You think you're a man?" Tyrell roars, tearing off his own thong and rubbing it in Gil's sweaty face. "I'll show you who's the goddamned man!," the superstud black muscle god promises.

Stark naked, their endowments exposed, Tyrell once again applies his potent, powerful, punishing bearhug. And what an incredible breath-takin site it is to behold! The two fight on and on until finally, at last, one is not able to continue. An instant classic!
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