The closet (2006)

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Logan Robbins
Kyle Aames
Adam Faust
Brant Moore
Johnny Wallace
Brad Benton
Steve Jerome
Hans Ebson
Tony Serrano
Mike Donner

Original upload: 2011-06-24 |

When Brant Moore moves into a rented home, he is unaware of a presence that comes with it. Friends and even tricks just seem to disappear. Neighbors Brad Benton and Adam Faust warn Brant, but the closet in this house sucks everyone in, and... no one comes out!

Brant Moore stares at the gloomy weather and decides a gloomy day deserves a trick with a hot daddy. He goes online and is startled as a black jock strap appears out of nowhere when he is asked to wear one. Brant convinces Tony Serrano, a hot muscle daddy, to come over for hot steamy sex. Serrano devours Brant's big luscious cock, then turns him around and bends him over a chair to shove his bearded face up Brant's ass. Before he can top him, Brant wants to suck some cock, too, so he swallows Tony whole until his dick is an iron pipe. Tony then plows into Brant's ass like he found a gold mine. Again Brant wants to switch roles and they do as he pounds ass. One more switch down to the floor and they blow their loads as Tony tops Brant. Brant showers as Tony asks to check out the house. He does, and when he finds the closet, a bright light takes him in. Brant thinks his trick is just an ass for leaving without saying goodbye.

Asleep on the sofa, Brant is surprised by a loud banging on his front door. Stumbling in after a night on the town are Kyle Aames, Hans Ebson and Logan Robbins. The three ask to stay the night and are given a side room where a very hot three-way ensues. Daisy chain sucking, ass rimming and some erotic kissing occur prior to the final three-way fuck where Kyle Aames tops Hans Ebson who tops Logan Robbins. Hans is a perfect middleman! The three drift off to sleep and Hans is startled awake by movement in the room... he gets up to investigate and is drawn into the closet. Aames and Robbins search for Ebson and meet the same fate. Brant Moore assumes they left early, again without saying goodbye or thank you.

Brad Benton and Adam Faust can tell their new neighbor is perplexed, and when he visits they fill him in on the strange occurrences within his new house. Apparently this type of thing has been happening for some time. They reminisce about times when the original owner of the house would watch them having sex, all the time wearing nothing but a black jock strap. A flashback of the two performing for the mysterious neighbor begins with Adam worshipping Brad's enormous cock. Brad returns the favor, then has Adam lick his ass to wet it for entry. Adam fucks Brad as Brad balances on his back on a stool, then gets on all fours on the floor. Brad pumps a big load while on his knees and Adam shoots on Brad's back and ass. By the time they are done the main in the black jock strap has disappeared. Flash back to today and they warn Brant to be careful.

Brant returns home and cautiously looks everywhere. When he enters the closet, an eerie feeling overcomes him as he notices all the clothes left behind from his guests who left suddenly. Then it happens to him…this time we see what goes on inside the closet. Donovan is the spirit in the closet, sporting a skeletal spinal tattoo and one big thick manly cock. Brant is surprised and amazed and is drawn into crazy passionate sex. Donovan sucks Brant; Brant sucks Donovan; the two 69; Donovan rims Brant... and then Donovan fucks Brant silly. He fucks him from behind as Brant braces on the wall and Donovan pulls his hair. Brant is in heaven or hell as he loves every minute with and every inch of Donovan. The closet door slams shut with Brant inside, where he is left to be with all the other spirits. The property manager who sold the house to Brant is now showing it again."

---Press Notes, courtesy of Dirty Bird via TLA Video

2006, 113 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Dirty Bird Pictures

Director:  Mike Donner

Producer:  Dink Flamingo

Editor:  Steve Jerome

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