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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-19 |
Caedon Chase and Dimitri Santiago
September 7, 2011
Strapped facedown and helpless, Caedon waits as Dimitri gets ready to, ravage him. Dimitri crawls between Caedon's legs, bites his ass, and, fingers the bottom's hairy hole before slapping that ass with his meaty, cock. Caedon's hole isn't quite ready for so much meat! He grunts and, moans as he's deep-dicked hard, until Dimitri pulls out, sweat and cum, raining down onto Caedon's writhing body.

Blake, BJ, and Justin
August 25, 2011
Blake Daniels is ready, willing, and fuckin' starving for cock-- and BJ Slater and Justin Cox are more than happy to oblige him. Blake puts his sweet mouth to use right from the start, switching between the topmen as he sucks and licks their meat; and they return the favor, shoving their tongues up his ass before giving that twitchin' hole what it really wants: one thick, hard, cock after another to impale him and make him moan helplessly. As BJ and Justin take turns pummeling Blake in every position under the sun, from slow and thorough to fast and furious, the talented topmen connect with each other as deeply as they have with the man taking their loads: as he punishes Blake's hole, BJ leans over his shoulder to wrap his lips around Justin's joystick.,

Mike, Colton & David
August 2, 2011
These guys waste no time getting started, as cock junkie Colton drops to his knees and sucks off Mike in the hallway outside their hotel room. Inside, they find David waiting to give them both a thorough pounding. As the topman pummels Mike's ass, Colton moves in for a closer look and can't help wrapping his lips around Mike's fat cock once more, plugging him at both ends. When he's done with Mike's hole, David lies back and Colton climbs aboard for a ride, bouncing up and down on David's joystick before switching positions and getting fucked into the mattress. Wanting just a little more spooge, the two bottoms lick David clean.,

Austin Shadow and Riley
July 14, 2011
Austin Shadow literally couldn't wait to get his dick in Riley, and the feeling was mutual--Riley was laid out flat on his back, mouth wide open for the topman, before the camera even started rolling. After letting the bonehound nurse hungrily on his cock for a while, Austin flips him over and lubes up the kid with plenty of spit and a good tongue-fucking. When his throbbin' boner can't take it any longer, Austin buries it deep in Riley's hole and pumps him full of seed. Sated himself, the attentive topman knows just what the happy bottom wants, scooping out some spooge and letting Riley lick it from his finger., ,

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