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Gale Force - Mens Room II

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DescriptionCast:  Blu Kennedy, Cliff Rhodes, Darren Stone, Gus Mattox, Hunt Parker, Jacob Slader, Justin Gemini, Marco Paris, Mike Grant, Nick Parker, Rhet Hengst, T.J. Taylor, Trey Rexx

Director:  Joe Gage

3 Reasons To See This Film

Legendary director Joe Gage unleashes another classic.
And "unleash" is definitely the word that best describes it...
...as the Director's Cut contains a veritable yellow rainstorm.

Gale Force: Mens Room II is dripping with Joe Gage¬ís legendary trademarks. The cast is a mix of tough, facial-haired T-bone (or T-¬ďboner¬Ē) beef and fresh-faced but dirty-minded chicken. The pacing is unhurried but hardly relaxed, and the actors play fully-fleshed-out characters whose emotional interaction drives both the sexual and physical tension.

And while there is more fucking than some other of his films, Gage once again shows that he is the master at finding other uses for his cast’s cocks. In an early interview, Gage said that he prefers to film the spontaneous sex that happens in places where men unexpectedly hook up, like a men’s room. They eye, stroke and suck each other (preferably through a glory hole) before heading on their way; t-room action generally doesn’t go anal.

Oh, one other thing these guys do ¬Ė they take a piss. And do they ever here: on walls, in pails, into bottles and mostly onto each other. Watersports has always been Gage¬ís favorite kink ever since Will Seagers took a leak in L.A. Tool & Die. There¬ís a nasty gale outside, but it¬ís not water that¬ís flooding this Men¬ís Room floor!

Act One:
There are only three scenes in Gale Force but each lasts an hour, so grab the lube and have your cum towel ready. Mike Grant is on the road when the storm hits, so he hides out in an old warehouse, along with TV cameraman T.J. Taylor. They find a john with an old-fashioned piss trough to take an amiable leak ¬Ė that lasts almost two minutes! Two buddies with car trouble come in out of the rain: burly bear Hunt Parker and strawberry blond Trey Rexx.

The lure of Taylor’s camera and a promise of fifty bucks get these straight guys naked for a circle jerk; we soon see why Mike Grant is Gale Force’s central character. He’s got a Steve Guttenberg-esque attractiveness, and his body is a mesmerizing marbled mass of mature muscles. Taylor and Grant fall to their knees for a suck session and the first of several sets of cum shots. The most fun is Grant unloading on to Parker’s cock and then licking it clean.

They all then pause to take a piss. Parker and Rexx pee into a toilet, but Grant is more creative, first using a janitor’s pail, then peeing up on his own chest, finally aiming into a beer bottle, which he pours over himself. He then invites the two (still straight) buddies to piss on him. He sucks them off, unleashing more loads.

Taylor lifts his legs for Grant to fuck him. Yet this is not the pairing Gage follows; you hardly see it, which is frustrating. Instead, Parker bends Rexx over and plows him from behind hard. So much for being straight. When Parker is finished, bottom boy Rexx turns top and fucks Taylor with long, luscious strokes. Taylor gets so excited that he shoots, and the others follow suit, but then Rexx’s scepter quickly rises again and plugs cameraman’s now well-stretched hole one last time. Everybody cums yet again, which may be four sets of cum shots in one scene. These guys drink their milk!

Act Two:
Young street toughs Jacob Slader and Justin Gemineye come in to take a whiz. Frat boys Nick Parker and cherubic Blu Kennedy come in to take a whiz. They start to fight, so good ole boy southern sheriff Gus Mattox (complete with toothpick between the teeth) comes in to break it up ¬Ė and of course to take a whiz.

He decides the best way to make peace is for them to drop trou, get hard and suck each other off. He then lines them up and replaces that toothpick in his mouth with four pieces of much thicker wood. When the sheriff’s buddy Rhet Hengst comes in, it becomes a full-fledged six-man oral orgy that ends with everybody shooting over everybody. With respect to Cool Hand Luke, there’s no failure to communicate here!

Now we get kinky ¬Ė Rhet and Nick sit down in the urinal trough and the other four piss all over them. Rhet gets what he needs and clears out, so Sheriff Gus orders the boys to strip for some anal enjoyment. The punks spread the frat boys¬í ass cheeks for intense rimming and finger fucking. Gus brings out a bench and lays little boy Blu out ¬Ė literally and figuratively. He fucks him with long, deep, slow strides, as the camera exquisitely captures each thrust.

Meanwhile Justin is doing the Princeton rub on Nick’s ass with no penetration (and to no apparent purpose). Gus will have none of that, so he lets Jacob take his place pummeling Blu’s ass, pushes Justin out of the way and fucks Nick the same way he had fucked Blu. The scene ends with everyone shooting their load on Blu’s chest. What better way to end gang warfare?

Act Three:
Two soldiers come in; Marco Paris takes a piss while shaved-headed Darren Stone sees the glory holes stalls and says, ¬ďThere¬ís amoral stuff going on here.¬Ē Well, ¬ďif you can¬ít beat ¬Ďem, beat ¬Ďem,¬Ē so the two grunts pull their uncut cocks out and start stroking as Sheriff Gus looks on. His buddy Rhet comes back to take a piss and is followed by mechanic Cliff Rhodes and a still-naked Mike Grant. Stone kneels down to suck off Paris, and Grant and Rhodes suck off each other.

Mike then sits on the john in the center stall, and Cliff and Marco stick their cocks out opposite glory holes so he can munch on both, before shooting a load so high it hits the wall behind his head. Finally ¬Ė what took them so long? ¬Ė Maddox and Hengst join in for a balls-to-the-walls suck-a-thon. At one point Gus is sucking Mike and Cliff at the same time.

Hengst and Stone are the assholes du jour for this act, as Hengst takes Paris’ uncut cock from several directions in the best-filmed fuck of the entire video. Stone takes it first from Rhodes, then Grant, with Mattox right beside him, and it looks like we’re about to get a full-fledged gang-bang. But no, instead Mattox and the others just drop all their loads on Stone’s back. It’s fun, but there were hints of so much more.

The Finale:
Finally, there’s one last great watersports display: Darren sits down in the center stall, as Cliff and Mike slide their schlongs through the glory holes on either side and let loose steady streams. Darren revels in the dual golden showers, dousing his chest, his face, his head, even his open mouth. This is one serious piss pig, and it’s a great way to end the video.

The Last Word:
In Gale Force: Men’s Room II Gage takes lots of time building up the sexual tension with posing and leering. Is it too much? It depends, but some viewers might get an itch in their fast-forward finger. And Gage’s attitude toward the fuck is still in flux: the Paris-Hengst and Maddox-Kennedy pairings are great, but the Gemineye-Parker rub didn’t work and the Rhodes-Stone fuck is way over-edited.

The good news is that all gets resolved in Gage¬ís second Titan project, 110¬į in Tucson, an unadulterated masterpiece. And anal really isn¬ít what Gale Force is all about; it¬ís about lots of man-made precipitation. (There are over two dozen cumshots alone.) In that regard, Gale Force is a force of nature.

Guys, leave your umbrellas home. It’s raining men making rain! Hallelujah!

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