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Lucas Entertainment - Pick of the Pack

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Pick of the Pack
distributor Lucas Entertainment released 2001 length 74
category General Hardcore
studio Lucas Entertainment
rating out of 4 ****
produced ?
location U.S.
Buy or view this production at
Buy or view this production at
director Michael Lucas
editor Michael Clift
producer Michael Lucas
videography Michael Clift
writer Michael Lucas
Chad Hunt
Erik Martins
Lance Gear
Max Grand
Michael Lucas
Scott Baker
Tom International
source: promotional material
The fourteenth video from New York's Lucas Entertainment is Pick of the Pack, which proves that the Big Apple has lost none of its bite. For this video, director-producer Michael Lucas asked several of his top stars to choose their own partners, then captured the steamy results. In addition to Lucas, the video stars donkey-hung Chad Hunt and versatile Latin superstar Max Grand in his Lucas Entertainment debut.
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source: promotional material
Sexy Slav Tom International asks for a hot Latin top "like Max Grand," so Lucas arranges a scene with Grand himself. Tom starts things off by slurping happily on Max's dark, uncut tool. Max eats out Tom's magnificent butt, then sinks his cock into it, with the penetration captured in striking close-up.

Returning Lucas Entertainment superstar Chad Hunt requests a new blond model to break in. He gets his wish in the well-built Scott Baker, who sucks on his gargantuan dick on a scenic rooftop terrace. Then it's back indoors for a hot sixty-nine. Baker's meaty, creamy ass proves up to the challenge of Chad's monster meat.

Lucas perennial Erik Martins wants to be paired up with someone who looks like him, so Lucas obliges with sex pig Lance Gear. The two engage in a sixty-nine-which is which?-before taking turns reaming each other's butts. With their identically shaved heads, hairy chests, and multiple tats, Erik and Lance are two peas in a pod. (In the mail-order version of Pick of the Pack, they also pee on each other's puds.)

It's Max Grand's turn to choose a partner, and he opts for director Michael Lucas. The ever-studly Max nibbles on Lucas's toes, and both men take time to enjoy each other's uncut cocks. The versatile Max then settles in for a slow, luxurious fuck from Lucas.

reviews From GayVideoDad

Hottie actor-director Michael Lucas comes across as a porn fairy godfather in this video, asking stars who they want to perform with and then granting their wish. While the porn stars get what they want, you and I get what we want - very hot passionate sex between great looking guys who are totally into each other. That basic premise and the lack of script/plot makes this video sizzle with raw lust.
Foreign stud Tom International is up first with the simple request of being fucked by Max Grand. Before you can snap your fingers, International and Grand are in a lip lock. The very versatile Grand is still one of porn's hottest and most reliable stars. His well-built bod and thick, uncut cock are nicely on display as International slurps away on Grand's bone. After some foreskin play and face-fucking, the pair 69, with Grand licking and fingering the eager bottom's ass. Grand really laps away at International's hairless hole before sliding his fat, uncut meat up there. The predominantly bottom Grand shows he's a master top man as he plows away at International's bubble butt. International's own uncut schlong stays rock hard as Grand slams into him from behind. Great close-up camera work, good dirty talk and sexual chemistry between the performers really keep this hard-pounding scene hot. The scene ends with both uncut cocks shooting off all over International's tattooed bod.
Next up, Lucas asks superhung superstar Chad Hunt who he'd like to work with. Hunt's wish list is for a blond newcomer bottom that can handle a big dick. Lucas must not have remembered my number, because instead he pairs Hunt up with the very muscular Scott Baker. They start out on an outdoor rooftop bare-chested, but Baker is soon on his knees, trying to swallow Hunt's monster cock to the root. Hunt gives the enthusiastic blond great instructions on how to service his megamember before dropping to his knees and deep-throating Baker's uncut rod. The pair heads inside and gets into a hot oral 69 with both studs moaning and slurping away. Soon Hunt is sinking his foot-long wiener up Baker's muscle butt and riding him good as Baker begs for more. Again ,the action stays hot as both studs get what they want, and we are treated to great shots of Hunt long-dicking Baker's hole. Hunt reams out Baker's poop chute in a variety of positions, with the built bottom always begging for more. Baker shoots while riding Hunt's huge hog, and Hunt lets his juice fly all over Baker's face. Another hot scene!
Lucas regular Erik Martins get his fantasy costar in the next segment. He wants someone who looks just like him, and once again, a wish is granted, this time in the form of Lance Gear. This matched set of tattooed muscles and shaved heads starts out spitting in each other's mouths. From there, Gear gets his throat fucked by Martins thick, uncut cock in between more spitting and some pit and pec licking. Martins briefly works on Gear's bone before the pair 69s on a couch, making it hard to tell the two apart at times. After some ass munching by Martins, Gear is back on his knees, worshiping his "twin's" thick dick. Gear gets in the driver's seat as he rams his rod up Martins ass, with both guys getting into the deep, hard thrusting. Martins is soon mounting (and spitting on - enough already!) Gear's beefy butt until he fucks the cum out of Gear and then shoots his own load. There's a kinky follow-up scene in the bathroom, with Gear and Martin pissing all over each other. Well, at least they aren't spitting!
Grand is back in the last segment, this time picking his fantasy costar. He picks none other than Lucas himself, who is quick to remind Grand that he is strictly a top. As you can guess, this isn't a problem for Grand! They start out naked, making out and rubbing their big, uncut cocks together before Grand starts slurping away on Lucas' thick pole. Lucas returns the favor, sucking on Grand's gorgeous cock while his own cock twitches in anticipation. There's some foreskin play when the studly duo 69s, followed by some butt hole play. These two studs are totally into each other, and the chemistry is electric. After some toe sucking, Grand lowers his hairy pucker onto Lucas' fat cock and fucks himself silly. Again, the camera angles are great as we get an up-close view of Grand taking the big, knobbed pole. Lucas plays with Grand's meaty pecs while the bottom stud bounces away. Grand seems to have problems taking Lucas in the missionary position, but the actor-director coaches his costar into taking it all. Lucas pounds away as Grand shoots all over his own face and chest, followed by Lucas' load.
This video proves that low-budget and independent don't have to mean low quality. The lack of plot and dialogue really make this video real, and the sensuality is too tangible to have been faked. Think Real World meets gay porn, with everyone getting along because they got to choose their partner. The fact that the guys choose who they perform with also lends itself to this boner-inducing video. You know that the guys dig each other, and it totally comes across in the video. Grand is the "pick of the pack," proving how versatile he is, sizzling as both top and bottom. Becker also does a great job working with Hunt's super-sized man-meat. Hunt equally turns in a great performance, but I'm sure you already knew that. Gear and Martins are great together, although I could have done with less spitting. Save it for Chi Chi, guys. Mr. Lucas, with his broken English accent, is just delicious, although I would have liked to see him be a little more aggressive with Grand. Still, it's an electric scene between the two studs. High marks on the camera-work in this video also.

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