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This is Alexis's first hardcore scene, and we can safely say, it's what many have been waiting for. For sure, Alex is the fantasy of every bottom boy in the clubs of Lima who has seen Alexis stripping or go-go dancing, with his bronzed muscular body, glowing white teeth and perfect smile. There is just no substitute for real confidence, and Alexis has that in spades. Everyone wonders, is he straight? gay? or just gay for pay? Enigmatic Alexis keeps them guessing. After all, isn't it sometimes more fun not to know?

Rocco was the lucky bottom who gets to share Alexis's debut. Young, cute, happy and cuddly, Rocco was more than thrilled to get the winning spot. I think he correctly guessed that Alexis would be a roller coaster--you never know exactly what kind of ride you're going to get--but you know it's going to throw you around into every conceivable position,

you'll probably scream, you might get a little bit scared before it's over, but clamor for another ticket as soon as it ends! And needless to say, that's pretty much how it went down!

For starters, how can you go wrong with Rocco's boundless enthusiasm for dick and his endless love of the body beautiful, and Alexis's addictive swagger of confidence? Naturally dominant without being corny about it, he really has the masculine touch--evident even as they were still just kissing. With his arms, his hands, his whole body, Alexis directs the action of the two bodies through lovemaking. He pushes you down and pulls you up; he guides you where he wants you to go so that all you have to do in response is...well, respond. And respond Rocco did. Through kissing until Alexis was rock hard, to fondling, tasting, licking, and finally devouring Alexis's considerable manhood.

And finally, just plain bending over and taking it.

And taking it.

And taking it.

Alexis clearly has no problem staying hard, and even though Rocco sometimes looked like he was screaming as much from agony as from ecstasy (there's that roller coaster syndrome again) he refused our offer of a breather. He didn't want it to end! And for awhile, it looked like they might just fuck forever, through position after position, adding their own creative touches like sucking each other's fingers and lots of sensual stroking and some outright manhandling as well. In short, they ran the gamut.

Their spring-loaded cumshots should be all the proof you need that all parties left satisfied. I think Rocco was even a little bit in love for a minute. Perhaps only a minute, but a minute of love is more than some people get in a lifetime!

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