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BMB in Great Britain

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DescriptionBMB ┬ĘC in the persons of Master Locha and Master Marcel ┬ĘC recently undertook a visit to Great Britain.  This clip ┬ĘC almost 50 minutes long ┬ĘC is a sort of travel log

The cameras were there as the Masterboys deployed their full  power.  You can see for yourselves how  a slave was really sorted out on a stage in  a Leeds club

Quite apart from this you can see Master Andre, Master Erik, Master Marcel and Master Locha  taking their own down time ┬ĘC walking through London or at an amusement park

The clip licks off with some really hot trampling action.  In a private session, the four Masterboys work slave David over.  The loser is tormented with no mercy being shown and really gets to feel the hard soles of his masters┬í┬» shoes

What is particularly humiliating for the slave is when Master Marcel  and Master Locha really degrade him on a stage in a club in Leeds as a number of people watch on.  The guests in the club can hardly believe their eyes when they see what is going on onstage.  The slave is trampled and used as a foot mat,  huge quantities of snot are spat into his mouth,  and in front of the spectators┬í┬» very eyes  he has to lick the trainers of both his tormentors and breathe in the stench from their socks.  Later a good looking young lad from out of the audience joins in the slave┬í┬»s humiliation.  Amazing!

Master Locha and Master Marcel are also on top form in another private session.  The slave is tied to his own bed and almost driven crazy with some nasty tickle torture.  At the same time as being tickled, the slave has to lick his tormentors┬í┬» trainers

Master Locha and Master Marcel are both stripped to the waist and get more and more fun out of tormenting and humiliating their slave.  The camera  is right up with the action.  You can see from the slave┬í┬»s perspective how the masterboys fill their victim┬í┬»s mouth with snot and how they make him lick the cheese from between their toes

At the end there is just one question remaining.  Is there enough room in the victim┬í┬»s mouth for the socks not only from Master Marcel but also Master Locha
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