Verbal Piss (that your Mom is gonna like too)

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Quick piss with a torrent coming out of his mouth at the same time and he makes the claim "your Mom" is going to like his stream as well!  Heady indeed.  This was given to me many years ago by a fellow from WeHo and I can track my piss interest to stemming from this clip and it certainly added to Hollywood's appeal for me.  He messes up one of his lines & I am not certain if he breaks the fourth wall with a laugh or a cough.

Only 30 seconds long, not high definition and I have no idea how long I used to watch it on a loop.  I have also never seen it anywhere else.  I feel like I am opening up the tickle trunk for everyone, as B. Dick would say "Look at the good I do, get the hell out of here"!

3MB 28 second duration
Resoulution 320x240
Format MPG1
Bitrate 990 KBPS

`verbal  `amateur `piss
2015-10-01 18:41:29
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