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Original upload: 2010-07-22 |
You don't ever wanna cross someone like Tom Wolfe 'cuz he's such a tough guy ... or at least that's the piss'n'vinegar persona he projects. When he found out he was gonna fuck around with Drake Jaden, his sneer and the mischievous twinkle in his eye unnerved me a bit making me wonder if the smaller jock would be up to the challenge. But my fears were allayed once they were let loose on a soon-to-be sweat-soaked mattress. After drowning each other with passionate man-kisses, they started to feed their rabid hunger for cock and ass, Tom and Drake complemented each other perfectly. Their amazing display of frenzied lust is one for the books. I tell ya, Drake matched Tom lick for lick and blow for blow before he rolled over to get fucked up the ass � fast and furious � by his predatory and ecstatic cohort.
2021-11-23 16:20:45
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