Xtreme - Once in a Blue Moon

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Starring: Dillon Samuels, Kameron Scott, Quinn Alexander
CoStarring: Trevin Nills, Nevin Scott, Tyler Bradley, Jesse Jacobs

Tad and Jeremy, a couple who live and work at the Blue Moon Resort, get ready for another day. After a vigorous early morning love making session, they head to work.

Tad works the front desk, and Jeremy is the head pool keeper. While Tad deals with a particularly troublesome customer, Oscar, the new guy, joins the crew. Robert, the hospitality supervisor, meets Oscar, and shows him the ropes.

After a brief meeting with Jeremy, Robert takes it upon himself to "break in" the new recruit, which he does in the hotel's laundry room. After their brief interlude, Oscar takes off, visibly upset about what just happened.

Meanwhile, Tad is confronted by Eddie, the son of Edward Carlson, the countries largest record producer, who tries to convince him to join him for dinner. Tad declines, due to his relationship, but Jeremy, overhearing, accepts.

At the end of his shift, Jeremy meets Eddie in the dining room. From there, they arrange their own little tryst in Eddie's room.

Two guests, David and Rick, arrive and Tad convinces Oscar, who is still rather upset, to show them to their room. After several snide remarks by the couple, Oscar excuses himself, and David and Rick have their inaugural vacation fuck.

Downstairs, Robert asks Tad where to find Oscar, and goes upstairs looking for him. He and Oscar argue for a moment, and go their separate ways.

Upon seeing Robert leaving the resort angry, Tad stops Oscar and tries to reason with him. He learns why Oscar is so upset....

At the same time, Jeremy is excusing himself from Eddie's room, and tells Eddie they have to be more careful. But Eddie, after three months of waiting for Jeremy to leave Tad, has other plans.
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